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V2 Community Skin Competition
« on: November 23, 2011, 04:26:11 PM »
We delighted to announce the V2 Community Skin Competition

We will have 2 prizes:

Europe  --   MED450X2 Including ITB Hard Drive, PCIe WiFi and MEDX2KEY USB Wireless Keyboard  
Other Regions  --  MED450X2 Including ITB Hard Drive, PCIe WiFi and MEDX2KEY USB Wireless Keyboard  

If you are artistic with good Photoshop skills and feel that you could contribute and make a V2 Mede8er Skin and want to enter this competition then pls send a email to with 'Application to the skin group' in the Subject line and also include your Forum Name, Country of residence, and Motivation as to why we should accept you.

If you are accepted then the Special Skin Group thread will be opened to you. You will then be given the tools and support to assist in making the skin.

Terms and conditions apply


1) Sanji Electronics (Pty) Ltd accepts no responsibility concerning the community developed skins in terms of copyright infringement. It is up to you to make sure that you obtain the required permissions if you are going to use third party images.   
2) Pornographic skins are prohibited
3) Any skin that could be defamatory any any way will not be allowed. 
4) The Mede8er Logo or E8E emblem must appear (and be readable on the Home Page and the Media Library Page.
5) Any images or source material obtained from the Mede8er FTP MUST NOT BE POSTED or SHARED or DISTRIBUTED in any way.
6) Sanji Electronics (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to withhold any skin that it deemed unsuitable or unfit for purpose.
7) Competitions will be judged by the community in conjunction with Sanji Electronics (Pty) Ltd and Sanji Electronics (Pty) Ltd will have the final say regarding the winners.
8) You agree to allow Sanji Electronics (Pty) Ltd to use the GUI design in any current or future release. 
9) Prizes will be supplied delivered but the winner will be responsible for any local tax or VAT that may be applied in his/her country.

B) Closing dates and details

1) Closing date for the Skin Competition is 23 Dec 2011
2) A second skin can be entered after 23 Dec 2011 and not later than 14 Jan 2012
3) Members can enter more than one design and each design will be treated as a separate entrant
4) Skins for the competition MUST NOT be posted and must only be be uploaded to a secure individual FTP.
Each member will get his/her own personal ftp login  -- details to follow
5) Skins will be published on the forum 24 Dec and the designers identity will be hidden
6) A voting pole will be setup and the Mede8er forum members will vote for the skin of their choice.
7) Closing date of the voting will be 27 January 2012.

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Win a Mede8er: V2 Community Skin Competition
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2011, 03:24:12 PM »
Who wants to win a mede8er......

Did I draw attention?  ;D
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