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Re: TViXIE-2-M8R
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Just to share a simple Python program I just did to do a similar job.

It removes useless files:

It renames files that need to:
  fanart.tvixie -> fanart.jpg
  front_cover.tvixie -> cover.jpg
  tvix.jpg -> about.jpg

It generates the X3D XML file from the MovieInfo.tvixie XML file (without removing it).
Converted fields are:
- Title
- Year
- Runtime (converted in "Xh XXm" format)
- Rating
- Plot
- Director
- Certification
- Country
- Genres
- Cast

Works with Python installed with lxml module.
Just pass the root directory in argument and it loops over all sub directories to convert them.
In a command prompt just type:
Code: [Select]
python -d <your root directory>
If this can help anyone ;-)