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Autoplay functionality on MED250X
« on: September 02, 2015, 02:29:46 PM »

Mede8er allows for automated folder play when the Mede8er is switched on. The autoplay facility is very useful and can turn the Mede8er into a very effective low cost Digital Signage Solution. 

Autoplay Function

The Autoplay files can be stored on SD Card or USB Drive.
1. Create a folder in the root of the drive named “Autoplay” (Case Sensitive)
2. Put either Video OR Audio files into this folder
3. If you require the files to play in order name them as following 01name - 02name - 03name - 04name - 05name - 06name - 07name - 08name - 09name - 10name - 11name up

Autoplay Operation 

On power up the Mede8er will look for the “Autoplay” folder and if found it will automatically play the contents of the “autoplay” folder. The contents will be played with the “Repeat All” as default. If a USB Drive is plugged into the Mede8er it will auto scan for the “Autoplay” folder and if found it will start the Autoplay function.   

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