Author Topic: Does 500x2 have a NFS Server?  (Read 7603 times)

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Does 500x2 have a NFS Server?
« on: February 16, 2014, 04:26:32 PM »


tl;dr:  Does 500x2 have a NFS Server?


The 500x2 seems to work fine with my iMac OSX 10.6 (aka SnowLeopard [SL]) and its built-in NFS system (with help with the app "NFS Manager" from Marcel Bresink Software-Systeme [yes I paid for a license]).  (I've got many locally-attached [via NitroAV FW800 hub/repeater] drives and subdirs everywhere, all properly shared, the 500x2 can chase-down thru the trees ok -- way too much/complex for a fancier sharing system I'm afraid to say <g>.)

I've also gotten the 500x2 to work with the SL built-in Samba server (Version 3.0.28a-apple).

But of course I'd rather use NFS.  ;)

What I need help with is to share the 500x2's internal drive with the LAN "the other way 'round".

I've recently installed a 2TB Seagate drive (a lower-power 5900rpm) into the 500x2 and want to share it on my LAN.  This 2TB drive has already been formatted by OSX in an external case as a GPT partition scheme with one (big) volume in HFSX mode (that means HFS+ with Case-Sensitivity [no journalling]).  The 500x2 itself can use this volume just fine (thanks for working on that!).

I cannot get NFS on OSX to 'see' the 500x2 drive, but I _can_ get SMB/CIFS on OSX to 'see' the same drive.  I do a "mount_smbfs" (aka "mount -t smbfs") [NETBIOS, SMB, CIFS] type mount on OSX to share the 500x2 that way just fine (with limitation of course).

I might be mistaken on just what "NAS" means when I start it on the 500x2 -- I was hoping it would include a NFS Server on the 500x2, not just/only "PC style" sharing.  ;)

Is this correct?

If NFS-Server is already included in 500x2 firmware:
Have I not done something to make NFS-Server available?
Please help in this case.

If NFS-Server is not already included:
Are there plans to incorporate NFS-Server in the 500x2 firmware?
If not, I'd like to put in a Request, please (officially).

(I'm testing the v3.0.2 beta right now, have also had the 'official' earlier versions beginning with v2.0.7)

Thank you.

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Re: Does 500x2 have a NFS Server?
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