Author Topic: Newbies tutorial for Mede8er world (600x3d / 800x3d / 1000x3d ) sartup basics  (Read 271102 times)

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Don't take it literally  :) I do see what you mean though, especially on forums, with differing levels of understanding and knowledge.
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Clever stretching is not a player function, it's an SD mode in the TV, even with your DVD player. To trigger that mode in your TV, you must force SD out of the player using the TV Sys button, as required.

I do not yet own a Mede8er but was looking to possibly purchase one and one of my big questions is whether it could easily adjust 4:3 content to 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios.  I own another Realtek 1186-based player that does do this (has a button right on the remote that switches between those 3 ratios).  If the video is 4:3 and you select 16:10, it makes it a bit wider but not so wide that it makes the characters look fat (just like how some TV stations broadcast 4:3 content in 16:10 for this same reason).  If you select 16:9, it stretches the full way.  I assumed that the 600x3d could do the same since it is using the same chipset.  But this answer I ran across from you to another poster seems to say that it does not allow for that?  Am I understanding you correctly on that?

I have a mix of 4:3 and 16:9 content and for the 4:3 sometimes I like to watch in 16:10 and sometimes 16:9 (rarely do I watch it actually in 4:3).  I have no interest in setting a one-size-fits-all setting on my TV.  I expect the player to be able to handle this and output in the format I desire and again my current 1186 player does do this very well (but has other non-related quirks that led me to see about getting a different player).  Grateful for any insight here. 

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The last batch of players where really made for those wanting to add more players to the one they had. It is 2012 Technology and can no longer have firmware upgrades.  It never did auto crop/zoom to minimize windowing.