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MED500X Firmware V2.0.2 - 6 January 2010
« on: January 07, 2010, 03:44:16 PM »
Greetings Mede8ers

Sanji Electronics would like to take this opportunity to wish all Mede8er owners and friends a Happy New Year.

Please find links for the Mede8er MED500X v2.0.2 Firmware below.
Note that this is an interim release as many of the core issues brought up with respect to the hard drive format requirement, etc. need to be fixed within the SDK itself - this will necessitate an SDK rebuild once more and it will of course take more time.
This release does not resolve the Mede8er-formatted hard drive requirement at this time.

                        WARNING  -  WARNING  -  WARNING


If you do not have a hard drive in your Mede8er, or your internal hard drive was not formatted using the Mede8er format facility then please read the the following:

There is a fundamental requirement within these V2.x releases with the new SDK that demands an internal HDD with the Linux partitions for the purpose of conducting SAMBA/NAS networking.
Those using only external USB drives are also affected.

Please bear with us as this is investigated and tested - the developers are currently working on this issue together with Realtek engineers to resolve and provide an update.


If upgrading from V2.0 / V2.0.1 you can use the Setup menu and make use of configuration backup and restore.

    >>>>>>    Download Version 2.0.2 - RAR File    <<<<<<

    >>>>>>    Download Version 2.0.2 - ZIP File    <<<<<<

Emergency Recovery Procedure

Download the latest Firmware from the Mede8er website. Unzip the file and you will find two
files ie install.img and logo_pal_bmp. Copy both these files to the root directory of a Flash Drive.
Plug the flash drive into the Mede8er. Disconnect the power jack at the rear of the Mede8er
then plug it back in - Now press the on/off button and hold it pressed for 10 seconds and then
release. The LED on the from fascia of the Mede8er with flash red-blue and you will get a
progress bar on your TV display (some TV's will not display this) wait until the Mede8er re boots
itself +- 90 sec. You Mede8er is now be updated. Re boot once and use as normal.


NOTE: Once you update to V2 you cannot easily go back to older versions if you are using an
internal Hard Drive that was formatted with the Mede8er. The update process will not damage
your Hard Drive contents but the Hard Drive will then be shown as HDD1 instead of C. If you
are not using an internal Hard Drive than you can roll back to a earlier version without any

A) Do not update the Mede8er from the built-in update facility on the Setup screen
B) After the Firmware is installed please re-boot the Mede8er – Unplug DC Jack
C) Do not do a Firmware Restore to update your Mede8er settings rather do it manually
D) Important: Set your TV Resolution on the Main Setup Menu – Video System - for the first
time after firmware update.

Mede8er Change Log V2.0.2 -- 6 January 2010
1. Fixed audio folder navigation problem on NFS.
2. Fixed samba login without user name
3. Fixed crash issue as result from USB unplugging
4. Fixed DVD ROM issue - problem with not ejecting.
5. Fixed DVD setup menu CMD_ANGLE button would show teletext menu.
6. Fixed UPnP problems  
7. Added video "Digital Noise Reduction" option to setup menu **
8. Fixed subtitle font issues with certain language's special characters, etc
9. Fixed file extension .wav  .divx

** It is suggested that you change your DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) setting to OFF (AUTO is the install default) if you experience a 'soft' picture while watching SD movies on a large screen TV - this will sharpen the image considerably.

Mede8er Change Log V2.0.1 -- 25 December 2009
1. Changed code on Mede8er security to fix “Invalid Hardware message”
2. Fixed infinite loop on “loading animation” when opening an invalid file

Mede8er Change Log V2 -- 24 December 2009
Codec and Core Improvements
1. BDISO with subtitle support (no menu)
2. BDMV with subtitle support (no menu)
3. Added DVD folder play ie VIDEO_TS
4. Improved FLAC, MKV, MOV codec
5. Fixed DTS audio sync MKV 23.976 files
6. SD Up-sample to 1080p improved – Improved picture quality
7. Added USB DVD ROM support – Beta
8. Improved HDMI handshaking
9. LPCM Multichannel added -- ACC surround sound

New Functionality
1. Add FTP support for network file transfer
2. Added Host Name option change to Setup Menu – Network
3. Internet time update feature - live time update via internet Setup Menu
4. Aspect Ratio 16:10 added
5. HDMI - LPCM Multichannel added - Multichannel AAC files only
6. Added PPPoE support
7. Added Subtitle on/off control in setup menu
8. New Photo effect Kens Burns
9. New Seamless Option - Setup Misc -- for streaming TS files
10. Autoplay folder functionality added – create “autoplay” folder on internal HDD or USB Stick
/ SD Card and load the folder with either music or video files. On start up the Mede8er will
play the “autoplay” folder automatically. ( “autoplay” folder name can be autoplay / Autoplay
/ AutoPlay)
11. Added Russian language GUI support
12. Added Hue & Saturation controls in Setup menu
13. Added AV System setting ie PAL or NTSC
14. Added fixed IP in WiFi setup
15. Added Plasma Screen Filter Mode in Setup
16. Added Text Encoding support for additional Languages (Subtitle)
17. Added user-defined font support – save any TTF font onto the root of your Local HDD or the
root of a USB flash drive or the root of a SD Card and rename it font.ttf. Go to Setup Menu –
System – you will be able to change the System Font.
18. Chinese Subtitle and GUI added
19. Screensaver added mp3 --"title - artist" if id3 tab available otherwise filename
20. Screensaver speed changed
21. “Preview off” navigation improved
22. File Manager – can now select Folders and select up to 512 files

1. Fixed DVD short freeze on network play
2. NAS mode stopping and requiring a re-boot
3. Improved new file name and rename increased max characters to 36
4. Rename file -- Text string now shown on keyboard
5. Rename failure on read only network share now reported
6. Fixed analogue audio problem -- when system paused
7. Screensaver added to still jpeg file when "slow" button used
8. Fixed auto turn on bug when the Mede8er unit is switched off from remote
9. Fix Hebrew subtitle punctuation
10. Improved WiFi setup screen - WPS etc
11. Improved WiFi performance
12. My Shortcuts -- Changed Net User ID’ to User Name and "Net Password" to Password"
13. Changed Media Library1 -- Net to Network
14. Changed Media Library1 -- UPNP to UPnP
15. Changed GUI text colour to white
16. Improved in folder about.jpg preview speed
17. Fixed Music button function on remote
18. Improved Samba performance
19. TV SYS button timing changed
20. Improved navigation speed and in-folder jpeg rendering time
21. Changed Samba default login to Guest and no password
22. M3u info message removed
23. Removed "Login Successful” message Samba network
24. USB unplugged changed text to "USB Unplugged”
25. Zoom W – Change to “Zoom to Width”
26. Zoom H – Change to “Zoom to Height”
27. Zoom XY changes to 1% increments
28. Improved subtitle with black shadow

Mede8er Change Log V1.2.2a -- 18 November 2009
1. Fixed Internet Radio SHOUTcast IP change
2. Added "search function" Internet Radio
3. Fixed DVD subtitle problem
4. Fixed some spelling mistakes
5. Fixed Hard Drive size reading error on Setup Info screen
6. Fixed video info information (video and audio were swapped)
7. Fixed File Copy Network Login screen

Mede8er Change Log V1.2.2 -- 28 September 2009
1. Language localization changes
2. File Manager bug fixed
3. General bug Fixes
4. GOTO menu changed for language localisation
5. Subtitle screen updated
6. Home Page name tabs size increased for language localisation
7. Subtitle Default changed to OFF
8. Hebrew subtitle support

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