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Sanji are working hard to fix all Known Issues. This tip is for issues specfic to this firmware. More general Tips can be found seperately.  This Tip is meant to help you get the best out of your X2 in the mean time.

(Version 1)

Section 26 Music Jukebox
Section 27 Data Corruption

1) Firmware Install

The official guide may not reflect all the needs of those with a working system comptible with V2.

Those users need to preserve key infomation as follows:-

1) Using Lan or slave mode  make sure you have copied Favlink_HDD from the hard drive to  your PC/MAC.  
2) If you are already using V2, when you insert the USB Stick do  a Save Config in Setup.
3) Use the BT GUI on the X2 to delete all torrents.  
4) Power down. Remove all USB devices other than USB stick, i.e USB Keybaord, USB Keybaord dongle, USB hard drive.
5) Powerup and hold case Power switch to instigate emergency install.
6) If upgrading V2, Esc from the Initial Setup, go into normal Setup and do a Restore Config (which uses the config on the USB stick you saved earlier). This forces a re-boot.
7) After reboot, shutdown, remove USB stick and do a Power Cycle of both X2 and Router. (remove power lead and re-connect after a few seconds), Remove power from both, and then power up the Router. When you have a working internet connection, connect power to the X2. Reconnect USB devices removed earlier.
8 ) Power up again, and if you have lost your Favourites, copy them back  from the PC/MAC.

If emergency dosn't work...test the  contents by trying a setup firmware install (but don't go through with it).  If that can't find valid firmware it is usually becuase the X2 has a problem with the stick.  Older, smaller capacity ones,  seem best,  probably becuase they are also slower.  

2) Bad Flash

Realtek chips are very tolerant of  bad flashes....they don't just work , or not work, after a flash. You may think you have a bug..but often it's localised code corruption from a bad flash. The rest of the code works as it should.  
Known symptoms
a) The main Home Icons are sluggish in response to the remote. This  is not the same as the "hang" which  occurs when the NAS is starting up.  
b) Stored m3u playlists don't play.

If you think you have a bad flash you should download again (in case the corruption was created during downloading), possibly swapping the source from zip to rar (or vice versa), and re-install again.

3) Initial Setup

Using Emergency Install, or Restore Default, will bring up the Initial Setup Screen.
When setting up time during initial setup, please press Ret to exit Manual Time, and move down to Time Zone, and Summer Time. Then go back and check that Manual Time is correct.
Setting the correct time will avoid getting Keyboard issues, and poor networking performance.

4) Formatting Drives

Formatting must be done using the the internal formatter in Setup. The drive has to be partioned first..and that is included in the process. Formatting outside cannot replicate the partition structure needed.  Even when using the Internal Formatter you must check if it has been successfully completed before copying files.  Go into Medialibrary... Hard Drive.  Below the upper screen you will see the folder name line. This should be HDD: for a correctly partioned and formatted drive. If it is C:...the drive needs reformatting again.

3TB drive previoulsy formatted using 4K Sector MBR are an issue.  One format will misread the MBR as linux is fixed to 512b sector MBR. A second format will correct this, and create a correctly partioned drive using GPT.

5) Favourites lost if X2 crashes

Some users are being very creative and linking files to Favorites which wern't expected to be linked, such as pls files (fixed in 1.0.2). This can cuase the X2 to crash with the file Favlink_HDD open and in use, with the result it gets corrupted.

Users are advised to make a backup of Favlink_HDD  before and after they make big changes to Favourites, or before they install new firmware, or before they try to be similarly creative.

6) DNS Server Setting

In order to Network properly the X2 needs a DNS Proxy in the system. So the best IP to use in DNS server can be different from system to system. You have to set the DNS server even if using Auto DHCP to get a Lan IP.

The options should be either:-
1) if the X2's Proxy is building a Hosts list as part of a working Network.
2) Your Router IP, if it's got a Proxy DNS server.

If these don't work, is an occasional workaround.

The Default is now If Internet Services work, but seems sluggish, and hang occasionally, you should try a different DNS Server setting

You should never use your ISP's DNS server directly. It has no interest in managing the relationship between Name and IP on your local betwork.   Name is used by some networking protocols. Even using an IP shortcut may not work if a Name cannot be identified.

This tip include information on how to find out if you have a DNS Proxy:-,4014.0.html

7) Upnp Server

The server was added to progress the development of the DLNA DMR. What media is streamed is down to  what the external controller asks for. So you can stream Music and Video to some devices, but you might only manage Music with others.  

8 ) Auto View Limitations

To store a view the system creates a file called View.xml. So views can only be stored where the  view is associated with a storage area where such a file can be created. The top level (Devices)  of Medialibrary can be also  be stored (in flash) but views immediately beneath in Network cannot be stored, nor views for folders on Upnp servers. The hard drive, samba shares are ok.  

One side effect of this is that if you use mutiple Esc to climb up a Network directory structure is that the "Samba Share level", and then "Workgroup Members level"  might be different from the view seen when going down. If you don't like this you should set the top level view of a Samba Share to the view you have chosen for Devices. That way  everything remains as the same view  going down and up.  You can still set Views below the top level of a Samba Share to anything you like.

Jukebox dosn't store View, even though you can change it. The Default is Movie View...and after some Jukebox operations the View returns to the Default...

9 ) Google/Bing

Ret/Esc no longer moves backwards one web link at a time. The first jumps back to  the Google/Bing Home Page, and the second exits. To move backward though your "surf" you have to use Previous Chapter instead. If follows that Next Chapter moves forward through cached pages.  
The Mouse Driver now responds to HTML cursor commands.
The mouse cursor can vanish (but not as often as it did!). Removing and reconnecting the USB keybaord adapter usually brings it back.

10 ) Youtube XL

Signing In Crash

This is best done using a Keyboard/Mouse. Use the Mouse to select Sign In. Then use the keyboard Tab key to get the Text Input Cursor (vertical line) visible in the User Input field. Input Username. Tab to Password. Input Password. Now press Enter on the Keyboard.The mouse cursor will still be where you left it so you can quickly move to other options.
Do not Tab to the Sign In button!!!!!!!

Video limited to Window mode

Use the Remote/ Keyboard Zoom button to use Full Screen Mode. Zoom is now Cntl on a keybaord.

11 ) Slideshow of Network hosted Photo's crash

Set Slideshow to ‘on’ - Navigate to image folder over Samba Network and select the first image and the Slideshow starts. Now press ‘Menu’ button and select Music and navigate to music file also over samba  network and it tries to start but then shows ‘invalid’ and then all goes wrong  -
To avoid this you have to accept that the SDK can only mount one root path from Samba or NFS  so the picture and the music folder must be in the same root folder and must on same PC.
         /BIGBOY3  ---your PC
         /BIGBOY3/AAA      ---root folder

12 ) Using Time Skip and Next/Previous chapters in Goto

It is possible to use these functions whilst displaying Goto. But you should note that the default Goto input is still the Time Input (top left). This remains at the time you entered Goto.  So to keep the changes you have made you must exit using Goto/Ret. If you press OK your actually accepting the Goto Time Input!

13 ) Reset Medialibrary to Top
Home now resets Medialibrary to the top Level.

14 ) Subtitles

This intransigent problem is not being deliberately ignored. Can you please remember to  clear subtitles during the opening Logo of a movie if you don't want them.

15 ) Lost DTS HD Master Audio after pausing/resuming movie?
There is a fix in V2 that has been tested with some amps.
If you've lost the audio after pausing/resuming/fast forwarding/rewinding a movie with DTS HD Master Audio, push the "skip back" or "skip forward" button.
(Thanks to Kevinj for this)

This may not work anymore, at least not on pioneer amps. If it does not resync after a fast forward, or skip ahead or back, the fix is to hit pause then play again. In my case, skip is the worst at losing sync and it will take up to 15-20 tries to get it to sync by pressing skip. hitting pause then play will fix it every time now.

(Thanks to Swamibob for this)

16 ) Power Down with Samba directory displayed, and Workgroup is lost.

Press Home , thus re-setting Medialibrary to Top, before Powering Down.

17 ) 1080P not an option on 1080P TV

Change Deep Colour to OFF and 1080P should then be available. The X2 is only a HDMI 1.3 device. 10/12 bit video may well be transferable at 1080i or less, but not 1080P.

(Thanks to Auren for this)

18 ) Main Search Icons don't work

These functions only work when a file index has been created. To do this you must enable Auto Scan, and reboot with it enabled. After that first boot you can then disable it again.

From then on, Resume Scan will work. You cannot resume something which  has never been started. You will have to use Resume every boot if you use Search  with Auto Scan Off.

Auto scan defaults to Off becuase new users will be loading files, and setting up Favorites. These operations can crash if Auto Scan is enabled. The index should only be created when this work has been completed.

19 ) Screensaver issue when not using default setting
Using Flickr or Photo option as screensaver may give instability.
Issues seen:
- black screen during film pause when screensaver starts, only way to recover from this black screen is unplug power
- reboots when screensaver starts
Workaround until fixed: use the Default screensaver setting, not Photo or Flickr.

20 ) Picasa login not working
It is at the moment not possible to login into the picasa account. Raised by Mede8er to Realtek for a fix.

21 ) System runs very,very,,,,very slow using torrent

Based on my experience of this problem the issue is that after a reboot the Torrent software thinks the data already downloaded is corrupted, and sets out to verify it, thus hogging the X2 CPU. There isn't enough spare time to update the Verification process on Web GUI. So it is working, and will take some time if there is a lot of data from unfinished downloads.

If after some time it does appear to be hung, the solution is to remove the data Bt thinks is corrupted. You can't do this when the X2 is clogged up. You have to remove power, and use slave mode with a Pc/Mac.  You can check the disk contents using Disk Tools, or cut your losses and delete the contents of the transmissionDownload directory. With no contents, there is no data for BT to verify, and the X2 runs normally again.

To live with this risk you should do the following:-
 1) Download one torrent at a time so the amount of data that needs verifying on reboot is small.
 2) Manually pause all torrents before powering down.
 3) If possible, leave the X2 On until the torrent has finished Downloading. It will not appear in the Finished Column of Web GUI, as it will be classed as Seeding.
4) Move contents of completed torrents out of transmissionDownload, and remove the torrent itself from Web GUI, ASAP.

22 ) Network copying and streaming gets slower over time.

We still don't have an explantion but the following two techniques have been found to improve it, or fix it.

a) Disable DMR

Can't say anything else really but thanks  to Tomazo for changing every setting until he found one which  worked.

b) Reset the clock regularly using Setup.

You don't need to change the time. You just run Manual and OK the time which is displayed.

23 ) Internet Services work..but Workgroup does not

Samba is an integral part of Workgroup support. The Workgroup functions are installed on Linux when Samba is installed. It follows that Samba has to enabled by turning on the NAS function, even if you only want to connect to other Workgroup devices and stream files in.

24 ) External USB enclosure with two drives has only one detected by X2  

According to member Vicvic

If you mix Sata 2 and Sata 3 drives in an enclosure, only one drive is seen by the X2, even if both are detected by a PC.  So you have to use drives working to the same Sata standard...or jumper the faster one down to match the slower one.

25 ) Using Default Icons when skinning Genre Icons

Skinning is all about replacing whats already there. Unlike normal user Genre do not add the new icons to the default. So if you want to keep any default download the default icons and copy those you want to keep to the Genre folder inside the skinning folder..along with you own new ones.  You then skin the main parent skin folder. If you only want to skin Genre still need that parent folder..even if there is nothing in it but the Genre folder!

26) Music Jukebox

i) The Jukebox is highly dependent upon correct Tagging.  Incorrect Tagging can produce strange results...

a) The initial ALL page is just tracks, not albums

Well actually it isn'  have managed to generate an Album for each Track.  This happens  when Album Artist has not been set..and scanner reverts to using Track Artist instead.  

ii) I have a Mac and the X2 scan dosn't detect my m4a!

It does support m4a, without DRM, provided they are stored like other music the Jukebox supports.  Unfortunately the internal scanner is still only MP3.  So Tagscanner has to be used to convert the tags into XML.  This can be done on the latest MAC's using this:-

You must attach the X2 to the MAC using USB slave mode.

(Thanks to Macuser for finding and proving this)

iii) Avoid re-scanning.
There is an Add to Jukebox feature which is described in the manual when using the internal MP3 scanner.

It has a problem due to merging  Tagscanner XML and a database created at different relative folder levels.  

This sequence will get it to work using Tagscanner:-

a) Create a Dummy folder called Dummy. It dosn't have to be inside Jukebox.

a) Make a new folder that's easy to find like Added, as a child of Dummy.

b) Copy the new album as a folder into Added..using your normal structure.

c) Browse using Tagscanner and select Dummy. Select "All" ..which is just the "Added" folder. Generate XML using normal script.

d) Move XML from Dummy into Added. Move the Added folder from Dummy to the Jukebox Root.
e) Using Added and use Menu to Add to Jukebox. Wait..and then goto Favourites and use Jukebox.

27) Data Corruption

In an ideal world the SDK would not be creating corruption. But the SDK is simple..and expects one task to be performed at any one time. So preventing corruption does mean introducing some new lock outs which users will find inconvininent...untill they get used to them.  We do recommend that users avoid running mutiple tasks which use the drive. So if copying over the network to the drive..playing media off the drive at the same time creates issues.

i) Scanning and skinning lockout.

The lockout is there to prevent users terminating transfers and the like by accident...creating corruption on the drive. Only users can decide when it's safe to turn the NAS off.  So there is a question asked before that users are aware that rebooting is involved, and that  the NAS will be turned off.  We need users to ask themselves "is it safe to turn NAS off?".   If they think not, becuase say they are transferring something over the network, they cancel the scan.  
There is an issue with starting a scan via favourites.  A scripting system implements some functions..and when a script is started the main code stops.  So if scanning a large collection you may be concerned with the rotating emblem freezing for the duration of the scan.  So for peace of mind you should scan large collections via Media Library.

ii) Spin down  management

The SDK has a lot of issues with functions interacting with a spun down internal drive. We havn't identified them all..but one that has been addressed is the NAS.  It get's interogated  periodically by Network Discovery..and the NAS can hang if the drive is spun down. That hang can result in a core dump..and in the state the X2 is then in..the possibilty of more data corruption on the disk.  New code has  been added to the NAS function to prevent this.  So issues related to spin down can be controlled  by turning on the NAS..even if you have no intention of using it.

iii) USB Device Removal

Safe removal is ineffective if used with NAS on.  This is due to the automatic sharing of USB drives and sticks by the NAS, which then blocks dismounting  when requested..but it isn't reported as such to the safe removal  code.   So users have to turn off the NAS..when they feel it is safe to do so..and then use Safe Removal.


There is a new issue which  all the internet is a having to deal with.  Certain internet services have decided they know best..and are circumventing the privacy settings in browsers to force the storage of cookies.   Cookie storage is disabled on the X2..and if circumvented...the X2 will crash or hang.
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