Author Topic: MED200X Firmware Update V1.6 -- 28 Feb 2012 (Latest)  (Read 6049 times)

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MED200X Firmware Update V1.6 -- 28 Feb 2012 (Latest)
« on: March 01, 2012, 05:36:08 am »
New update for MED200X

MED200X International Version

MED200X Thai Version

Changelog V1.6
1) Fixed 'error' when Deleting or Coping in the File Manager

Changelog V1.5
1) Fixed Alpha sorting on USB fat32 Drives
2) Changed screensaver image
3) Selection of Font A or B in Setup Menu
4) Fixed aac sound in MOV file

Update Procedure
UnZIP or UnRAR the file and you will find one file named install.img. Copy this file to the root directory of a Flash Drive. Plug the flash drive into the Mede8er. Disconnect the power jack at the rear of the Mede8er then plug it back in - Now press the on/off button on the Mede8er (not the remote) and hold it pressed for 10 seconds and then release.

After approximately 15 seconds the LED on the Mede8er with flash red-blue and you will get a display of the progress of percentage installed on your TV display (some TV's will not display this) wait until the Mede8er re boots itself +- 180 sec. You Mede8er is now be updated.


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