Author Topic: Network: Mede8er Connector when issues to connect your PC to Med internal disk  (Read 8494 times)

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When having problems to connect to your internal mede8er disk over the network from a pc:

Try Mede8er HDD Connector Tool:

EDIT: this is now combined in the Mede8er Share manager located here:,7970.0.html

First be sure you have enabled NAS to on in setup (and have an internal HDD in your Mede8er)

1] Fill in the right hostname (if you changed the default in mede8er setup)
2] Press on search
3] Select the Mede8er found
4] Press on Mount
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Read the  Mede8er 400X/500X Beginners Guide
or Mede8er 500X2/400X2/450X2 Beginners Guide

Also check the Couto X3D Newbies Guide first.

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