Author Topic: Try Share Manager when issues connecting to network shares on your PC  (Read 11473 times)

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For those that have difficulties setting up PC shares to connect to from your Mede8er, there is now a program you can use to help you with this: Mede8er Share Manager.

First configure your PC to have the workgroup name WORKGROUP

Download the program Mede8er Share Manager here:
Mede8er Share Manager 3.0.0

Unzip it, and install it on your PC - be sure you install it from a PC account that has admin capabilities.

When the program is started, use the create button to create the desired shares on your C: drive in the root of the drive. Or any other drive if you have more.

Advised names to use:
- Movies
- Music
- Photos

Of course you can use other names but be aware to not use any special characters in the name, e.g. Photo's
Also don't use spaces in a name.

Thats it.
Now place your media collection below those folders.
For movies the adviced structure to use is - (to be able to use programs like Y2M for scraping movie covers and moviesheets and .xml, so you can also use the JukeBox view fully:
- A root folder called e.g. Movies
- Below that folder you create for each movie a separate folder. For the folder names use the same name as you find in for that specific movie.

Now connect to this shares by using the Shortcut method on your Mede8er using this description:
[TIP] Connect to NAS and PC shares using Network Shortcut method (preferred way)

Use the Public Share login credentials as stated and replace the x.x.x.x with the real ip number of your PC.

After that read this post howto setup your movie collection JukeBox for the Movie share you just made:
[TIP] Howto setup V2 GUI Jukebox with XML search

When you still have problems to open your Shares from your Mede8er you might want to try the Sharing Registry fix in Mede8er Share Manager.

A general remark:
This program is still in beta phase. Use of it is for your own risk.

See the about button in the Share Manager program - a big thank to the ones mentioned there to make this program available.
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