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Here are some other users giving feedback on other chipset usb dongles:

Mede8er can only garantee that the Mede8er USB dongle will work, so you have to trust the feedback of others.....
I personally only have experience with the original Mede8er Wifi dongle.


Hello, i am new to NMP but i have got myself a mede8er with a 1.5tb samsung internal harddrive. my tv setup is all done with virgin along with phone etc. i have an external small blue modem, with a netgear router and 4 empty ports. i am struggerling to connect up mt mede8er. what i did was i use a spare cable and put it into port one on the netgear router and then plugged it straigh into the mede8er. once connected the number one lit up on the router. then i went into the network setup, clicked on wired and then clicked automatic basically but everytime the mede8er loading symbol comes up once completed basically it comes up not connected. can anyone help as to what i am doing wrong or maybe even not diong?

Hi Chrissieboy123,

From your feedback I understand that you are not getting an ip addres on your mede8er when using DHCP connection to your router.

Could be a problem with the configuration of your router or just a bad lan cable. Have you tried another good known cable?

Otherwise just try the following:
- in network setup choose manual setup
- set an ip address that is in the same range as your other devices, so look at the ip address of your pc. It will probably something like: 192.168.0.x (where the x is a figure of course). Now fill in the same number as ip for your mede8er with a number on the X that is not yet used in your network (every device should have an unique ip number).
- for subnet mask use the same as you see on your pc (you can check it by typing ipconfig from a dos box)
- for gateway you choose the ip addres of your router (again you can find this by typing ipconfig from a dos box).

When this is setup just try to ping to the ip address of the mede8er from the dos box on your pc. It should respond if you set it up properly.
Then set NAS on in the mede8er setup menu and check if your mede8er is visable under network in explorer.


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