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Network setup menu description (firmware version 2.0.2)
(this is a first attempt, a 'living/growing' document)

The settings in this menu are only applicable when you have connected your Mede8er with a wired lan utp cable to your network, or with a Mede8er Wifi dongle to your network.
The first version came without a WPS button on it. Latest version has WPS button.
See this topic for some pictures.
Mede8er Wifi dongle specs

Wired Lan Setup (DHCP IP Auto / FIX IP Manual)
Choose DHCP IP Auto if your Mede8er is connected by wired utp lan cable to a network router that has a built in DHCP server functionality that is enabled. (most routers have). Your Mede8er will get automatically an IP address then to be able to setup communication over your network. Leave the DNS server IP address default, only change this if you want to change this manually and not filled by DHCP protocol automatically. When DHCP setup is successful, you will see an IP address here, If not you will see the message DHCP Not ready. Then check your cable (link led on), check your router DHCP setting, hard-reset your Mede8er by unplugging DC-jack, power cycle your router.
Choose Fix IP Manual if your want to set your Mede8er IP-address manually. Fill in the IP address (should be unique, non existing on your network), subnet address (leave it standard is just right for most home networks), fill in gateway address (ip address of your router if you have one, DNS server if you have one or supplied by your internet provider.
Using fixed ip configuration is used for: direct mede8er to pc connections with a wired utp crosscable, mede8er to hub/switch to PC connections without a DHCP (router)-server available and for the more experienced user to setup network parameters manually.

When you have setup your Mede8er IP-address (both manually or by DHCP method), you can verify functionality by opening a dos box on your PC and typing ping <ip-address seen on Mede8er setup menu>.  When setup correctly you should see a response.

Wireless Setup
Can only be used when there is a wireless WIFI dongle plugged into one of your USB ports and you have a wireless router or access point in signal reach of your Mede8er. Could also be a direct Wifi connection on your PC by USB Wifi dongle or other adapter.
Use the supplied USB extension that came with the Mede8er always, using this it will improve wireless signal quality.
Setup by selecting a profile (e.g. Connection1). Select a mode. Infrastructure when using a wireless router or access point. (in most cases the one to choose). Use ad-hoc setup when using a point to point wireless connection between mede8er and pc when you have no wireless router.
Infrastructure setup mode:: In the Get SSID Name you can select Auto and Manual setup mode. First try Auto, if that doesn't work, try to use manual. Press enter on Auto. You will see the loading icon. After that a window opens where you can select your wireless router SSID name. Select the right one. On the Test Connection screen press enter again. On the next screen choose Wlan security setting used on your WLAN connection: Open (no security), WEP or WPA. Please check your router Wlan configuration if you don't know what to select or what your security key is. Using WPA2 mode is preferred on your router configuration, because this will give the highest speed over wireless connection.
Now fill in your WEP or WPA key if using a secured connection and select OK on the virual keyboard on the screen.
On next screen you can choose to setup your WiFi ip address Auto or manually (same as in the Wired Lan section, read that regarding when to choose auto or not for IP setup).
Choose the one you like and confirm. The next screen will show all the settings, press again enter to save settings.
You will now see Testing on the screen. When setup is successful you will see Test OK on the screen and a confirmation of all the settings. Now press enter again and you have finished wireless setup.
On the network setup screen you will see now an IP address right to the Wireless Setup Menu option. If you see DHCP Not ready you failed your setup steps and you have to try again.

PPPoE Setup
PPPoE connection allows the Mede8er authenticate itself (user name, password, DNS) on ADSL so you can have multiple ISP accounts running concurrently.
This is useful in bandwidth-starved countries such as SA where you use one expensive low-latency ISP account for gaming, one cheap local-only account for surfing domestic internet sites and downloading email from local POPs, a Pay-As-You-Go account for the kids.
How to setup this section, please check your Internet Provider configuration parameters for PPPoE.

NAS Mode (Off / On)
Set this option to On if you have an internal disk in your Mede8er and you want to be able to access it over the network.
When enabled you can reach your Mede8er by browsing to it in Windows File Explorer under the network icon.
Or you can type \\hostname in your Internet Explorer window (e.g. \\mede8er if you left the hostname setting on default).
Warning: don't use Filezilla browser, this method seems not to work with this browser.
When you have connected to your Mede8er you will see an icon call HDD1 which is the internal disk of your Mede8er.
You are now able to do all the usual things, like creating maps, copy files to it and deleting or renaming files.

Host Name
Option to set a preferred hostname. The default is Mede8er.

Option to enable FTP file transfer. Set a desired login name and password and switch it to on to use it.
Now your Mede8er can be reached over the network by using a FTP program on your PC pointing to the IP address of your Mede8er. Use e.g. CoreFTP Lite.
Don't forget to open port 21 on your router pointing to the ip-address of your mede8er and also open port 21 in your firewall software on your PC, otherwise you will not be able to connect using FTP.
If you want to connect to your mede8er by FTP connection over the Internet, just use your WAN IP number of your router/broadband modem. Easy way to find it: What is my ip


You still do not describe how to change the actual hostname of the MX500....?!
I want to add multiple MX500's to the same network, and without changing the hostname it will be impossible to see them on the network.


I didn't describe that, because I thought that was just easy....

Just put your cursor on hostname -> then press on enter (the button in the middle of the arrows).
Now a virtual keyboard opens. Just type in a new hostname by going with your cursor over the desired letters.
Finish with OK.

Your Mede8er now needs to be rebooted to get the new hostname active.

Hope this description is clear.

I am trying to setup wireless (wired works fine, but like to get rid of the cables  ;D)
When setting up wireless I choose for Connection 1 and next for Infrastructure (AP).
Then I get the message can't get any SSID.
This is strange cause my AP is broadcasting (my laptop i am writing this message is connected to it!).

Any clue ??
btw my firmware is 2.0.2
my USB Wireless adapter is Sitecom WirelessWL-168 Network USB Adapter (WL-168) 802.11b
which has a realtek chipset.

Hi Gerry,

What kind of router are you using?
A wireless N, please can you supply the brand and model?

It should run on 2.4Ghz and not only 5Ghz mode.
The Mede8er wifi dongle only supports 2.4Ghz mode and not 5Ghz, so I guess for the sitecom it is the same.

I don't know if the WL-168 works with the mede8er, maybe other users can confirm that if they are using this one also.


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