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ThumbGen - Help needed
« on: September 06, 2011, 07:54:35 pm »

Can somebody please help me? I am totally new to Thumbgen. I don’t know how to configure the software for my Mede8er MED500X. Lately YAMJ to Mede8er is not functioning as it should and that why I want to use the ThumbGen software. I created some moviesheets with Thumbgen but the moviewall does not detect it!!!!

1. Thumbgen Main Page

(A)   Current Profile – What option do I choose here?

The option listed is the following:
WDTVLive Movie sheets
WDTVLive TV Shows sheets
Xtreamer TG_Sheets
Xtreamer TV Shows

(B)   Collectors – What is the best collectors to choose (English)?

2. Options Page

(A)   Movie Dectection Setting – What should be checked here?
(B)   Generate - What should be checked here?
(C)   Selected Files/Folders Browers - What should be checked here?

(A)   Maximum Filesize – What is the size to specify here?
(B)   Processing  Properties - What should be checked here?

Input/ Output Naming
What should be done here?

Collector Settings
What should be done here?

Import Images
What should be checked and changed here?

Export Images
What should be checked and changed here?

Does ThumbGen create  xml files and what setting needs to be changed to create these files. The about.jpeg & folder.jpeg, where do I configure ThumbGen to get these files.

Can I use 1080 templates for the Mede8er?

Anybody’s help will be much appreciated


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Re: ThumbGen - Help needed
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2011, 06:58:59 am »

I imagine the best option for (A) would be to get one the Mede8er profiles and templates that several users have made available in this forum,

Try this out,4625.0.html,6411.0.html,6393.0.html,4548.0.html

Also check the entire Thumbgen thread or others threads in the modding subforum...,2006.0.html

Most of your others questions will cease to exist  with the correct Mede8er profile and templates because some fellow samaritan will already have done the tweaking job and also put a Mede8er logo on the sheets.

Don't forget to thank the authors of those profiles/templates.  They have have it so much easier for us :)

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