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MED500X2/400X2/450X2 V1.0.3 ---11 August 2011
« on: August 11, 2011, 05:19:20 pm »
Pls use the Emergency update Procedure

Emergency Method (Resets Configuration to Default)
Format USB stick to FAT32. Unzip the firmware and copy the Install.img to the root of the USB stick. Disconnect the power jack at the rear of the Mede8er then plug it back in - Now press the on/off button and hold it pressed for 20 seconds and then release.

After approximately 15 seconds the LED on the Mede8er with flash blue and you will get a progress bar on your TV display (some TV's will not display this) wait until the Mede8er re boots itself +- 60 sec. Your Mede8er is now updated.

Pls do not use the GUI install for the first time you install this update as the restore dBase has been updated.



If you cannot download the complete install file from the above link you can try this

Pls download HJ Split to join the files

Download all the following 4x files and join them with HJSplit


MP3 Embedded Album Art should be re-sized to correct and fast system operation. You can use this program but Mede8er does not support it in any way.

For those who do not have Y2M / Thumbgen xml data I suggest you download this demo to see the true power of the X2

Short Version

V1.0.3 --- 11 August 2011

1) Added new function Internal Hard Drive Spin Down - Time set in Setup Menu
2) Added MKV embedded chapter support  
3) Resume Dialogue screen changed to automatically start the video from the beginning is no response within 10 sec.
4) Zoom about.jpg and nav up bug - Fixed
5) Replaced Google with Bing on the Internet Services page.
   The reason for this is
  *You can still use Bing with the standard Remote but with Google you must use a USB Keyboard
  *Google bump users to local Google address and this has caused an issue in that you cannot Return with a USB Keyboard
6) Return crash bug - Fixed
7) Added radio genre icons in Favourites
8) Keyboard command FF not working - Fixed
9) USB Keyboard commands 'Esc' not working on YouTUBE /Internet Browser - Fixed
10) USB Keyboard command ZOOM on YouTUBE / Internet Browser not working -- 'Ctrl' key assigned to ZOOM function
11) Load custom font and require to press left/righ Nav on Bootup - Fixed
7) Internet Radio ---> Genre  ---> Right Nav text block -- Fixed
8) Video Play left/right Nav jog search from Keyboard -- Fixed

V1.0.2 2 August 2011

1. PGA Subtitles not working on m2ts files - Fixed
2. Crash when manually setting or unsetting the watched indicator when you are on page2 or higher in 'List View' or 'Preview View' - Fixed
3. Internet Radio – Channel text colour ie http://............  Colour should be R195 G195 B195   - Fixed
4. Watched indicator does not show after you watched the video. Need to exit and return to see the watched status.- Fixed
5. Goto on a BDMV/BDISO and Next/Previous chapter buttons the Chapter Number do not chnage. Fixed
6. about.jpg -- now also read ‘About.jpg’  ‘ABOUT.jpg’ - Fixed
7. Slideshow over Samba and background music over Samba -- ‘invalid’ warning
The SDK can only mount one root path from Samba or NFS  so the picture and the music folder must be in the same root folder and must on same PC.
/BIGBOY3  ---your PC
/BIGBOY3/AAA      ---root folder
8. Crash when navigating certain a network shares and pressing the  ‘Menu’ button - Fixed
9. Favourite to radio station .pls file crash - Fixed
10. After video play the focus always goes back to the first file in the folder - Fixed
11. USB Keyboard commands ie Esc, YouTube XL Zoom, Colour buttons - Fixed
12. Changed ‘Show Movie Info’ to default ‘on’ after firmware update.
13. Random crashing - Fixed

V1.0.1 23 July 2011
New Functionality
1. Added Favourites Manager
2. Added support for custom Favourite Genre artwork ---> "Genre" folder USB or HDD
3. Added "Favourites" shortcut ---> Blue button on Remote
4. Added Transmission BT downloader
5. Added LPCM Audio option ---> Audio Setup Menu
6. Added GMT + in time setting
7. Subtitle on/off setting Setup Menu
8. Added Slideshow on/off Setup Menu
9. Added Show/ Hide Thumbnail Text -- Menu Button
10.Added Show/ Hide Movie xml info -- Menu Button    
11. Added Web Remote on/off Setup Menu
12. Added 'Autoplay' functionality from HDD, SD CARD, USB
13. Added ‘Text Encoding’ option ---> Setup Menu
14. Support For new type Thumbgen xml
15. Added support for Hebrew plot xml
16. Updated Genre Y2M XML - Now shows up to 3 Genres
17. FF button can be used as "Play" to play folder in Media Library
18. 'Restore default' now protected if password protect is set to  “on”
19. USB Keyboard command support
20. Added support for non embedded music covers place image named 'folder.jpg' in Music Album folder
21. Changed 'View' button functionality - Now press the 'View' button multiple times to advance the selection
22. Fixed locked file showing when using the dBase Search. Lock the main folder and all files/folders  inside will be locked in a dBase search.  
23. Changed default 'Autoscan' to off
24. Fixed - 3TB hdd message " Unsafe Eject Storage"
25. Added manual save/restore config setup menu
26. Added DNS Server IP in Network Info in Setup Menu
27. Mask folder.jpg /about.jpg in Media Library
28. Changed Favourites order  - First in shown first.
29. Custom Genre images can be placed in a folder called "Genre" in a folder called "Resource" in the root of a USB drive or root of the HDD.
30. Changed the 'Add Genre' images to Thumbnail view
31. User Subtitle settings now stored and applied to all videos
32. Improved handling of USB keyboard commands.  
33. Language localization
34. Added watched indicator on each file/folder in List and Preview View
35. When no ID tag is available on Flac file change message 'no ID3 Tag' to the track name  

36. Dummy folder creation on HDD “image” “movie” “music”
37. General bugs
38. Focus on devices HDD, USB, NETWORK ----> press "info" Med crash
39. video Podcast screen and buffering speed
40. YouTUBE XL first time launch failure
41. YouTUBE XL on screen volume image transparency  
42. WiFi setup screen -- added rescan icons to assist users
43. Screensaver pause during video play  
44. Sreensaver during Video Podcasts/YouTUBE XL  
45. Improved Internet Radio Genre search  
46. Improved MP3 TAG onscreen display support
47. Replaced Buddy Link with Google shortcut
48. Removed Buddy Link from Edit menu
49. SETUP - 'Screen Size' & 'Network Info' Return function
50. Dutch translations
51. Fixed SAMBA Windows Live Essential login
52. NFS can now make multiple shortcuts
53. Fixed nfs
54. Fixed NFS AVI files
55. Fixed NFS to Hanewin Windows PC
56. Screensaver Internet Radio/ Internet Services/ Web Browser
57. YouTUBE XL / Video Podcast audio ON SPDIF
58. Removed message "Press {NEXT} to Play the Next File" When using Next Chapter button
59. Fixed crash problem when playing Music play over Samba Network and opening a video file.
60. Fixed Custom font not loading after reboot.
61. Edit --> File Manager --> Multiple File Select --> Make Playlist / Photo Album - text colour changed to black
62. Fixed - Flickr - Start slide show, Music starts, pressing 'Return'  quits Flickr but takes you into "Favourites".
63. 'next /previous page ' changed to to previous/next page' on both station and genre  
64. Setup -- 'video settings'  Press return and you get a screen with no text
65. Fixed occasional crash when changing 'View'
66. File Manager - multiple select - move up one level crash

Known Issues
1. PGA Subtitles not working on m2ts files
2. Crash when manually setting or unsetting the watched indicator when you are on page2 or higher in 'List View' or 'Preview View'
- Investigating and will release a update soon

I would really like to thank Hansen, Maasbommel, Insomniac, Dennis and jer1956 and all the x2 Beta Testers for their invaluable work on this release.  

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