Author Topic: [TIP] Fix ripped Widescreen DVD.ISO stuck in 4:3.  (Read 1604 times)

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[TIP] Fix ripped Widescreen DVD.ISO stuck in 4:3.
« on: August 14, 2011, 11:09:17 am »
There are many parameters which control Aspect Ratio. The one which has caused my problems is Horizontal Width. To fix this you expand the iso to files, or just re-rip to files using AnyDVD HD.

Then use DVD Patcher to change the Horizontal Width for each Vob. In my case to 720  from 320. You will also have to use Custom Bitrate and change it to the correct value shown upper left when you have opened a Vob. You need to changed Headers using the Whole File setting.

You can find it here:-

The use DVD Shrink to remake the ISO.
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