Author Topic: Installing Downloader on Mede8er  (Read 5930 times)

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Installing Downloader on Mede8er
« on: December 22, 2009, 08:41:08 am »
Currently I have a script to do most of my downloading in the background. It's written as a perl script and uses curl to do the page downloading.

I would like to offload this to the mede8er if possible. I can rewrite the script as an ash or awk script. and I can probably use wget to do the actual page downloading.

It looks like a minimal linux system so I was planning on just writing the scripts and installing them somewhere and set them up to run at boot.

All of this seems possible, but I'm hoping someone out there can tell me if this is possible or not. Also where would be the best place to install it and hook it to launch at boot (possibly in init.d).

Another thing that I would need is an unrar executable. I have the source code and it's pretty easy to compile, but there's no gcc installed on the mede8er. Is there some environment available to compile executables for the mede8er?

Any help would be appreciated.

Product: Mede8er MED500X f/w v2.0.2
Audio: HDMI > ONKYO TX-SR707 A/V Receiver
Audio: HDMI Passthrough-Night mode ON
Video: HDMI Output > VIZIO 37" LCD V0370M
Video: 1080p 60Hz,24Hz OFF,16:9
Media Source: HDD WDC WD15EADS
Wireless Network: Airport Extreme (802.11g/WEP128),NAS ON

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Re: Installing Downloader on Mede8er
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2009, 09:18:38 am »
Take a look at this thread.
Questions? Please check the Mede8er Beginners Guide.

For technical assistance, please take note of the Technical support guidelines.

Ensure too that you are using the latest firmware when requesting support.