Author Topic: Announcement regarding upcoming V1.0.1 release  (Read 6283 times)

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Announcement regarding upcoming V1.0.1 release
« on: June 15, 2011, 09:00:22 PM »
Some feedback from Sanji on the progress of MED500X2 Firmware / Functionality etc

We think V1 was a good release candidate considering this was signed off many weeks ago as it had to be ready for production. Already 6 months has gone into the development of the X2 and we think its looking rather good with some unique Mede8er functionality. I think people will always look for things we don't have and right now I suggest you enjoy what we do have. We have a fixed road-map for the X2 development but sometimes things take longer than we hoped due to circumstances outside of our control. I would like you all to understand that the development process is not easy and we have to work within SDK limitations and bugs.

The next update V1.0.1 is basically complete and is currently being tested by the Mede8er Beta testers but we have one particularly nasty SDK bug that we are currently trying to resolve. We are hoping it could be resolved within about one week.

V1.0.1 Highlights

1. Newly developed Mede8er Favourite Manager that will be fully functional locally and across Networks. The Favourites will also include selectable Genre Artwork or custom artwork and password control.
2. Transmission Bittorrent Downloader
3. General bug fixes
4. Optimized Mede8er keyboard commands

We will then concentrate on integrating Movie XML Search into the Media Library  +- timescale 6 weeks       

So I hope this short communication bring you all up to speed as to the progress of X2


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