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[TIP] Setup Video menu
« on: June 04, 2011, 09:29:17 pm »
Video setup menu description (firmware version 1.0.0)
(this is a first attempt, a 'living/growing' document)

Aspect Ratio
Set to the mode your TV set supports

TV System (HDMI Auto / 480p / 576p / 720p 50HZ / 720p 60HZ / 1080i 50HZ / 1080i 60HZ / 1080p 50HZ / 1080p 60HZ)
Set this to the highest rate possible as supported by your TV set.
Preferred not to set to HDMI Auto to prevent any HDMI autosync problems (black screen/flickering screen).

1080p 24HZ (on / off)
Set on when playing 1080p 24fps movies.
You can check the fps (frames per second) rate of a movie by pressing the info button on the remote several times when watching a movie.

Plasma mode (Off / Dark / Dim / Light )
Adjust as desired.
Static text and GUI always leave ghost lines on Plasma screens. Basically this setting changes the transparency of certain layers of the GUI and text with a result that the static images appear darker and have a lot less intensity. By using this setting you will be able to minimize the ghosting left on your Plasma Screen. You can also use these settings for CRT TV's and LCD TV's if you like the transparent look of the on-screen menus etc.
The Plasma setting does not effect or change the picture quality when viewing videos or picture content in full screen mode.  

Deep color (Auto / 12 bit / 10 bit / off )
Preferred to keep this on auto. Lower number will give lower graphics quality.

Screen Size
To adjust your screen size. Only has to be setup once.
Adjust the red square to the size of your screen. Then fine adjust so that the red square is just not yet visable.
This option is just to tune the layout to perfectly fit on the screen and to prevent burning in on plasma screen when there are "hard  borders" inside the visable area because the TV is set to a too high light intensity by a user.
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