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[TIP] Setup System menu
« on: June 04, 2011, 06:22:29 pm »
System setup menu description (firmware version 2.0.0)
(this is a first attempt, a 'living/growing' document)

Menu Language
Set the desired Mede8er menu language

Text Encoding
Set to correct Text Encoding for your language when using Subtitles.

Option to set the system date and time / Correct Time Zone / Summer Time on or off

DVD Auto-Play
Create an “autoplay” folder on internal HDD or USB Stick / SD  Card and load the folder with either music or video files (Do not mix media types, i.e do not mix music with pictures). On start up the Mede8er will automatically launch the “autoplay” folder automatically. ( “autoplay” folder name can be autoplay / Autoplay / AutoPlay)

Screen Saver (off/2min/5min/10min)
Set screensaver time out value and choose out of the following screensaver options:
o default - Mede8er logo on screen
o Photo Album - select a folder with images on internal/attached disk that will be played as screensaver
o Flickr - plays pictures from Flickr as screensaver (Only works when connected to the Internet)

DNLA DMR (on/off)
Enables the DNLA DMR option. (Digital Media Renderer).
With this option set to on it is possible to push and start media from another device and start this content automatically on the MED500X2.
An example of a capable program to use this feature: iMediaShare (available on the Android Market and Apple app store).
See also: Using the DNLA DMR function with Windows 7 Push To

DNLA Device name
To set the name used with DNLA options.

MiniKBD Language
To set the appropriate language of the used mini keyboard option.

Keyboard Layout
To set the appropriate keyboard type.

Scan storage (Auto scan on/Auto scan off/ Resume scan)
Option to set the mode of the media dbase scan.
o Auto scan on - After starting your mede8er the dbase will be scanned on new added media files
o Auto scan off - Disables the dbase auto scan mode. Newly added media files will not be added to the dbase and so not visable in the Movie/Music/Photo search menu.
o Resume scan - to manually initiate a media rescan to update the media dbase.

Resume Play (on/off)
When set to "on" the Mede8er "remembers" where you stopped playing your movie.
Next time you start the same movie again, it will ask you if you want to resume on the same point or not.

Option to format the internal disk or an external attached disk.
Be carefull, using this option will erase all content on the disk.
This option is protected with a pincode. Default pincode is 0000.

BD menu (on/off)
Option to enable BlueRay menu play on BlueRay media (profile 1.0 currently only supported, no menus with Java).

Restore Default
Feature to reset all the menu settings back to factory default settings.

Auto Detect Decoding (off/on)
Used to auto detect the file format of external subtitle files.
Keep it off to prevent getting wrong output for special chars like ë ď etc.

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Read the  Mede8er 400X/500X Beginners Guide
or Mede8er 500X2/400X2/450X2 Beginners Guide

Also check the Couto X3D Newbies Guide first.

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