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Is this possible
« on: March 20, 2011, 06:45:59 am »
by Maasbommel
My guess is that you can't see your made playlist here?
The playlist menu is someway hidden
Goto the Media Library menu, and in that menu scroll up or down with the keys on your remote. You wil find the Playlist menu.
If you added music files with the remote control, you have to goto the Music tab on top of the screen by pressing the <right> key on your remote. Same for Pictures and Movies, go to the right tab to see your playlist content.

When under the <All> tab you will not see anything

From this i understand that it is possible to make a video playlist.
I have all the old Tom and Jerry's also the oldies from Bugs Bunny and a few more oldie cartoon collections.
To have them play one after the other they have to be all in the same folder.
But what i really would like is to put them as collection in the movie wall so a genre folder cartoons --> example Tom and Jerry--->select wich one and after that it keeps playing the rest of the tom and Jerry files.
But in order to let it play one paticulair Tom and Jerry they need all to be in there own folder so i can't let them play one after the other can i solve this with a video playlist ?
Can't find any reall answer if it's possible to use video playfiles.
P.S if this is in the wrong place then just move it