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MED500X - MED400X Firmware v4.0.4 - 3 March2011
« on: March 03, 2011, 02:34:48 PM »
Hi All Mede8ers

After some lengthy testing by the Mede8er Beta testers we are now releasing V4.0.4 to all Mede8er users. We really believe this release is stable and will enhance your mede8er in so many ways.  Please download and follow these installation instructions.


Update the Mede8er in the normal way via Emergency procedure.

Emergency Installation Procedure

 - Download the latest Firmware from the Mede8er website
 - Unrar / Unzip the file i.e. install.img
 - Copy this file to the root directory of a Flash Drive
 - Plug the flash drive into the Mede8er
 - Disconnect the power jack at the rear of the Mede8er then plug it back in
 - Now press the on/off button (on Mede8er unit - not remote) - keep it pressed in for 15 seconds and then release
 - The LED on the front fascia of the Mede8er with flash red-blue
 - You will get a progress bar on your TV display (some TV's will not display this)
 - Wait until the Mede8er re boots itself +/- 90 sec
 - Your Mede8er is now updated;
 - Re-boot once by pulling power and use as normal
-  Do not use Restore Confiig


For those who are having problems with the update
The reason that the install is not working is that the Bootloader did not update

1) download
2) Use the utility to formatt your USB Flash Drive to FAT32
3) Install the firmware again
4) If this does not work then try another USB Stick

If you do not have you own Cover Art download the Demo
Online Multilanguage Guide

The Mede8er Web Remote full functionality is not 100% complete but many aspects can be used for demo purposes.
Switch on the Web Remote in the Setup menu
Type the following in your browsers adress bar and change the your-mede8er-ip to the Mede8er actuall IP

pls shoutcast radio staton shortcut samples

Note: The Video Wall now uses the USB DrIve "name" so pls make sure that your USB drives is named and if you use more than one USB Drive make sure they have different names. This can be changed in Windows  --  My Computer  -- Drive   - Properties  

Changelog from V4
1. Bootloader updater not working - should update to #26 - fixed
2. Large size FAT32 USB Hard Drive not working - fixed
3. HFS Volume link to Video Wall not working - fixed
4. No audio .mov container has H264 codec + PCM audio - fixed
5. Video Wall image quality folder.jpg & about.jpg - fixed
6. Video Wall Navigation bug - one movie on last page - fixed
7. Video Wall increased max folder.jpg size to 100k
8. Video Wall speed "next page" - fixed
9. Watched Indicator on root of HDD  - fixed
10. HDD Format no name - fixed
11. IR Interference from other remotes - fixed
12. File Manager copy to protected folder - fixed
13. Web Remote enabled by default - fixed
14. Slidshow Playlist Option - fixed
15. HFS Volume mask  System files ie .fseventsd .Trashes .Spotlight-V100  - fixed
16. Video Wall MAC - .AppleDouble folder problem  - fixed
17. Ken Burns ettect in Picture Slide Show not working - fixed
18. m3u Playlist not working with "Umlauts" characters - fixed
19. Focus / Unfocus Series View Video Wall hard to see the focus - fixed  
20. Screensaver artwork changed
21. Screensaver movement not smooth MP3 play - improved
22. Screensaver during slideshow - fixed
23. Screensaver shows when playing multiple short video in a folder - fixed
24. Screensaver appears in picture slideshow  - fixed
25. Older DD hardware cannot switch MED500x off with front on/off button  - fixed
26. Open image and press Zoom+ and image zooms to 16x - It should start with 2x  - fixed
27. File Manager "Move" function not working  - fixed
28. Protected folder in Media Library not protected in Video Wall  - Fixed
29. MP4 not working from video wall "www123"  profile  Sony PSP Codec ID: MSNV. Works from Media Library  - fixed
30  No audio .mov container has H264 codec + PCM audio - fixed

Original V4 Features

*  Support Dolby True HD and DTS MA passthrough - DD+ hardware
•   New “Video Wall” with mapped share functionality
•   New GUI
•   Improved network streaming performance (both Samba & NFS / DD+ and DD hardware)
•   Improved and fixed SAMBA NTFS write (NAS Mode)
•   Shoutcast Radio API implementation
•   New SDK and general improvement and bug fix
•   Picture Thumbnail Viewer
•   Improved upsampled picture quality SD content
•   Added Thai Language support
•   Added Icelandic Language support

Known SDK Issues

* Sceensaver on pls Radio Station does not change song name
* MED500X cannot connect via wireless that does not broadcast SSID
* WiFi WEP
* HD Audio will only passthrough on HDMI if TV Res Output is set to 720 or Higher  
* Downmix SPDIF / Co- Ax Digital must set HDMI AND SPDIF to Downmix 2 CH
* Flac .cue files support (SDK- Realtek)
* APE  .cue files support (SDK - Realtek)
* ID3 tags FLAC Audio (SDK - Realtek)
* BDMV over NFS ( SDK - Realtek)
* DD+ Hardware will not Passthrough to Core5.1 from HD Audio source on SPDIF (Awaiting Realtek)
  Workaround - Use the "No HD Audio Firmware Version"
* Long Playlist over 3000 songs
* Random Audio Play
* PPPoE bug (SDK- Realtek)
* Some DVD files still show Subtitles although set to "off" in the Setup Menu
* "autoplay" Folder DVD ISO from FAT32 USB stick -- Starts with no picture and press zoom button then it corrects - fixed but only plays for +- 2 min and then restarts. Suggest to use raw VOB files for "autoplay" folder

I would like to thank the Mede8er Alpha and Beta testers for all their testing and feedback.  

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