Author Topic: Y2M V1BETA6 -- Make Great Cover Art for your Mede8er 27Feb 2011 (LATEST RELEASE)  (Read 17931 times)

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Hi all Mede8er's

There are two version ie win32 and win64 so pls download the one that suits your operating system.
Pls remember to install the latest version of Java if you don’t already have this on your PC.
NOTE: 64 bit users must download the 64 bit Java Version

Pls use the included YAMJ package as you will probably have some issues with older versions.

32 bit

64 bit

Online Multi-Language User Guide

Download GlynRS2 Custom Genre Pack for the Video Wall
The Mede8er community really appreciates the great effort of GlynRS2 for his great Genre covers and his continual effort in helping others by making these covers on a one on one request.

To apply these custom covers just create a new folder in the root of your Local Hard Drive or USB Stick called “videowall” and copy your images to this folder. The Mede8er will now allow you to use your own custom images for the Genre links on the Video Wall.

1. General Bug fixes
2. Metadata xml file generation.

We suggest you enable the Metadata option in YTM as we would more than likely support this functionality on the Video Wall some time in the future.

Recommended xml editor to change content of the xml files in the YAMJ Jukebox folder.

Online User Guide to change the Language of the Plot  - Genre

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