Author Topic: [TIP] Firmware Emergency Recovery Procedure  (Read 28464 times)

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[TIP] Firmware Emergency Recovery Procedure
« on: September 18, 2009, 04:34:56 PM »
In the unlikely event that a firmware upgrade fails, perform the following 'de-brick' recovery procedure:

    o Download the latest firmware from the Mede8er website; Read the Release Notes that come with the firmware.
    o Unzip the files to the root of a formatted flash drive - 'install.img';
    o Plug the flash drive into the Mede8er;
    o Power the Mede8er OFF;
    o Power the Mede8er up again and hold the ON/OFF button in for 10-20 secs (release when the update starts-blue led starts to flash)
    o The Mede8er will automatically re-install the firmware.

- Wait for the installation process to complete (approx. 2 minutes).
- There will be 2 blue screens as the unit will restart at the beginning and the end of the process.
- To not cut power during this process or the update will fail.

General notes regarding usb flash drives (usb stick):
- If the firmware is not installed within the root area of the USB flash drive the firmware installation process will fail.
- Many usb flash drives below 1GB are not fully USB2 compliant. They might not work, try another one.
- Many usb flash drives above 4GB have some form of (hidden) back-up utility boot firmware pre-installed on them. Which wont allow them to operate as a boot drive with the Mede8er - unless it's removed.
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Questions? Please check the Mede8er Beginners Guide.

For technical assistance, please take note of the Technical support guidelines.

Ensure too that you are using the latest firmware when requesting support.