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Author Topic: Mede8er V4 BETA4 -- Public Beta 2 October 2010  (Read 24171 times)
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« on: October 02, 2010, 11:33:22 am »

V4.Beta4 is available for download:

The downloader accepts that they are downloading and installing firmware with noted bugs -
the firmware is stable but not complete for final release.


PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY FOLDERS NAMED movie, movies, music, image, images ON YOUR INTERNAL HARD DRIVE as the install makes new ones on the internal HDD during installation.

Please only constructive feedback on this beta release, no moaning etc... as this is a beta


0017L_bootloader_patch.rar   XXXXX UPDATED XXXXXX    


1) Check your Mede8er Bootloader Version in the Setup Menu.
     If you have 17L go to point 2.
     If you have 23 go to point 3

2) Instructions for updating from Bootloader 17L  XXXXX UPDATED XXXXXX
   a) Download 0017L_bootloader_patch.rar AND Mede8er_V4Beta4_2_October2010.rar (OR zip equivalents)
       b) Unrar/unzip the file 0017L_bootloader_patch.rar or  and you will find 2 files inside.
         install.img and install.dat
   c) Copy these files to the root of a USB drive
   d) Install via Emergency Procedure.
      --- On the first stage you will see the patch install on the screen
      --- then the Mede8er will reboot
      --- Next you will see BETA2 install on screen and a yellow box after half of progression bar stating it has to reboot
      --- then another reboot
      --- then again it starts to install BETA2 and finishes with install complete and reboots


   e) Delete the two files install.dat / install.img on the USB stick
   f)  Unrar/Unzip the file Mede8er_V4Beta4_2_October2010 and copy the install.img to the root of the USB stick.
   g) Update the Mede8er in the normal way via Emergency procedure

Please be patient as the update from 17L is much longer that the normal firmware update. Also if  the install does not complete then we suggest you download this utility
and format your USB Stick and then try again.

3) Instructions for updating from Bootloader 23  
   a) Download the file Mede8er_V4Beta4_2_October2010
   b) Unrar / Unzip
   b) Install in the normal way via emergency procedure  

4) If you do not have you own Cover Art download the Demo
 5)   xxxxxPLEASE READ -- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANTxxxxxxx You will find Video Wall instructions VIDEO_WALL_INSTRUCTIONS_V4BETA4.pdf inside the rar/zip files

6) The custom Mede8er Web Remote has not been included as yet but you can test the default  Web Remote as foll
    Type the following in your browsers adress bar and change the your-mede8er-ip to the Mede8er actuall IP

Genre Imges in PNG format

Genre Images source PSD file for this who want to add or change or translate.

Settingsun's_ Media_Browser_ Icons's_ Media_Browser_ Icons.rar

Highlights of V4

•   Support Dolby True HD and DTS MA passthrough - DD+ hardware
•   New “Video Wall” with mapped share functionality
•   New GUI
•   Improved network streaming performance (both Samba & NFS / DD+ and DD hardware)  
•   Improved and fixed SAMBA NTFS write (NAS Mode)
•   Shoutcast Radio API implementation
•   New SDK and general improvement and bug fix
•   Picture Thumbnail Viewer
•   Improved upsampled picture quality SD content
•   Added Thai Language support
•   Added Icelandic Language support

Overview of known bugs on V4 Beta based on latest Beta Version: Current version V4BETA4

1] No PCM audio on on SPDIF /Co-Ax Digital
2] On older hardware LCD led on front only changes from Red to Blue after about 5sec after switching Mede8er on from Standby (Fixed with BETA4)
3] creation of the movie, image and music folder after updating firmware or entering movie wall. This should be disabled
4] 5 sec delay before an audio file starts to play (Music Player)
5] If you use Vol Up/Down during Music Play the Player does not come back
6] .divx and bdiso not playing from movie wall
7] when in media library and press menu when focussed on a folder, then select delete. Confirm window has some layer behind that should not be there Fixed in Beta4.
8] Zoom image press info 2x and when in second info screen with picture details on the screen, return button is not working. You have to press again info button and then you are able to use Return button.
9] Dolby True HD does not always work on 1080p 60HZ when source is on USB drive or network. Need to change setting to 50hz. ------------ Awaiting audio patch file from Realtek.
10] BDMV files do not play as folder over NFS
11] when network is instable (simulate by unplugging cable) when in VideoWall browsing movie icons, mede8er hang and finally will bomb. This is not happening when doing the same in NFS network share on Video Wall
12] desired: feature to be able to put HDMI sound and SPDIF sound to off. Now both are on always. A user should be able to choose. All on or only one on.
13] WiFi field strength bar out of alignment
14] Zoom picture from thumbnail view - screensaver does not work
15] resume not working on mkv when 24fps is set to ON
16] italic tag (<i>) inside SRT/SMI/SSA not working. e.g. Giving <i>I amar prestar aen.</i> In stead of Italic without the codes around.
17] browsing about.jpg in zoomed mode with a file structure with 10 or more VIDEO_TS structure folders: Mede8er looses track and starts wrong movie or gives error when you try to start a movie.
18) Fixed Screen Size Calibration issue -- if it was set at max mede8er would show image artefacts and bom with "slow" zoom nav up/down (Fixed with BETA4)
19] When adding an usb device in standby mode or hot-plug while running, USB device not seen over samba link from PC. Need to toggle NAS from ON to OFF to ON to get it visable over samba connection. When doing cold boot (starting from power off mode) with usb device attached, it is immediately visable over samba link.
20] Not able to change genre icons on page 2 and up on moviewall.(Bug introduced in BETA4)
21] Subtitles gone after FF (fixed with BETA2 27 sep 2010)
22] Skip on series in MovieWall not working. Index goes up but keeps playing first movie in series that is started. (fixed in BETA3)
23] Hebrew Subtitles issue (Fixed in BETA3]
24] subtitles play by default on video_ts folders and mkv, even though subtitles are off in settings
25] Some movies when started from video wall only have sound for a few seconds. Pausing and re-starting makes no difference but skipping forward 1 chapter and back again gives sound ok. These are full dvd rip to iso - nothing removed from original. All work ok from media library. [logged by Shamus]
26] On mede8er start up my tv gives "unsupported audio format" message - happens no matter what audio setting I use. Connected to tv by hdmi [logged by Shamus] TV is a TV Sony Bravia KLV40V550A connected HDMI
27] TV series drop down in video wall gives wrong order - eg series 1, series 2,... series10, series 11 show as series 1, series10, series 11, series 2,.... [logged by Shamus]
Note: not really a bug.  You need to use naming convention 01, 02,03 etc.
28] PPPoE bug reported many times before i.e. using PPPoE causes lan ip address to change when mede8er starts and lose lan connection. [logged by Shamus]
29] When watching a MKV file with Subtitles, disable them via the remote and they stay away until pause and unpause the movie then the subtitles come back. Might be related to bug [24] (logged by Ricardo)
30] IN VIDEO WALL: while playing video, pressing INFO button will display movie info (filename, duration, codec etc), but I noticed that USB logo is displayed (top left corner) even media is on internal HDD ... This issue is not there when playing from normal File View.(logged by MarioB)
31] when playing mp3s screen saver flickers badly in some cases. The logo is ok it is the track name and artist details that flicker. (logged by Shamus)
32] *.MP2 file format does not display (logged by Insomniac)
33] After changing volume - need to press INFO twice to get audio player back (logged by Insomniac)

Fixes compared to 3.0.4:

1] Fixed in V4: Network (SMB) write not available to Non-Mede8er-formatted HDD (NTFS-only)
2] Fixed: Green bar issue on specific Sony TV types.
3] Fixed: DVD resume on VIDEO_TS structure
4] Fixed: On certain 16:9 DVD menus - selection highlight is misplaced
5] Added feature: Simultaneous audio output via both HDMI and SPDIF
6] Fixed: resume dialogue DVDISO
7] Fixed: resume play DVD VIDEO_TS
8] Fixed: purple screen issue on specific TV brand/types
9] Fixed: shift of screen when using SPDIFF setting on specific TV brand/types

With special thanks to Hansen and Frank and all the other developers in the team. Also a huge thanks to Insomniac, Maasbommel, Andy and Getsko and the Mede8er Beta Testers for all the late nights and very valuable input and relentless testing.
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« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2010, 01:00:02 pm »


There is an issue with V4beta4_17L_Bootloader_Patch_2_0ctober2010

Mede8er is currently uploading a corrected patch for this, and the file above has been removed.

Please wait for some minutes, until there is confirmation that you can dowload again.
The instructions are currently being changed.

For those with a DD+ unit (with 23L bootloader), that procedure is still valid and file still available.

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Read the  Mede8er 400X/500X Beginners Guide
or Mede8er 500X2/400X2/450X2 Beginners Guide

Also check the Couto X3D Newbies Guide first.

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« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2010, 01:19:34 pm »

XXXXXXXXXXX The bootloader Patch and install procedure has been updated XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Pls refere to the main post for the new instructions.


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« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2010, 01:57:26 pm »

Please post your public beta firmware feedback here.

Questions? Please check the Mede8er Beginners Guide.

For technical assistance, please take note of the Technical support guidelines.

Ensure too that you are using the latest firmware when requesting support.
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« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2010, 04:11:21 pm »

For a demo howto add shortcuts to Video Wall see the Youtube video:

Read the  Mede8er 400X/500X Beginners Guide
or Mede8er 500X2/400X2/450X2 Beginners Guide

Also check the Couto X3D Newbies Guide first.

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« Reply #5 on: October 02, 2010, 08:30:58 pm »


For those having trouble updating with the 17L version procedure:
- be sure you have a good formatted usb stick. Use the tool mentioned here to be sure it is fully formatted:,3176.msg21168.html#msg21168
- have patience.... The update of 17L patch will take a while, 2-5 minutes. Don't pull the usb stick during this process. It will reboot several times.

Read the  Mede8er 400X/500X Beginners Guide
or Mede8er 500X2/400X2/450X2 Beginners Guide

Also check the Couto X3D Newbies Guide first.

Please don't PM me but post on the forum.
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