Author Topic: Please read before posting here  (Read 9166 times)

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Please read before posting here
« on: July 07, 2010, 04:07:43 AM »
Kindly note that this 'Tips and tricks' board is intended for just that - posting tutorials to assist other members.

If you have a query or require assistance then kindly make use of the appropriate boards applicable to your subject:
    o Technical Issues
    o Networking & Internet Issues

Your compliance in respect of posting your topics in the relevant sections will assist in keeping this forum orderly, leading to a faster response and allowing others with similar issues in the future to hopefully find a solution in your thread.

Please try the 'Search' function before posting, as much of the time someone else may have already come across the same issue as yours and a solution may be found in a previous thread.
Questions? Please check the Mede8er Beginners Guide.

For technical assistance, please take note of the Technical support guidelines.

Ensure too that you are using the latest firmware when requesting support.