Author Topic: [TIP] When should I use the 1080P 24Hz option?  (Read 14513 times)

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[TIP] When should I use the 1080P 24Hz option?
« on: November 15, 2009, 03:23:12 AM »
This would serve to answer any questions in respect of when to enable the 1080P 24Hz option.

    o  This setting is effective only when HDMI has been selected as your video output in the SETUP.
    o  Use of this setting is only applicable when the TV is connected to the system using an HDMI cable - adjust the setting to match the TV in use.
    o  The TV or A/V receiver (amplifier) that is being used must support 1080p 24frames/second video mode. For details, refer to the instructions for the device in use.
    o  The media file in use must also support 1080p 24fps video mode - generally movie files that use 1080p 24fps resolution are BluRay rips in either M2TS or BD-ISO format.
    o  If the movie does not display correctly when this option is selected, then set it to Off.
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