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Amazing Multimedia Player
« on: September 14, 2009, 06:49:39 pm »
The Mede8er straight out the box impressed me tremendously, it just feels so good. You can see and feel the unit is built very well and is solid.

After opening the unit I started connecting it and was quiet surprised to see a good quality HDMI cable in the box (i guess I'm used to either not getting one or getting a cheap ****ty one) and it had component cables in the box which helped for my other room.

The big test was actually using the unit, the UI is really impressive and definitely the nicest I have seen compared to anything on the market. It looks good and is very easy on the eye in my dark room which is often a problem with my other players after a while the UI starts to hurt my eyes.

I then hooked it up on my network and started testing the BIG MKV files the 20 and 30 GIG files. They played one after another it was amazing. I then went down to a file that my computer and my xtreamer wonít play and it played it flawlessly with no staggering at all. The amazing part was I could even fast forward big MKV - H264 files without the unit hanging and this was impressive as most of my other units hang up when I try fast forward other network.

I then tried my AVI collection that my Mvix unit had problems with and I couldnít believe it, it played every single one with no issues what so ever.

I was completely blown away, I can now eventually watch my movie collection without changing players.

The only file I had a problem with was my BD ISO files which I have 2 of and unfortunatley these did not play. I asked Sanji about this and they promised a firmware update coming soon will fix this and Mede8er will support BD ISO. If they get BD ISO support then this unit is set without doubt my favorite pick.

One thing that drivers me mad is fan noise and the Mede8er concerned me as it had a fan. However after running the unit I was very happy the fan is not noisy at all. MY DSTV PVR fan drives me mad. The Mede8er fan is nothing to worry about at all, really no noise from there. Donít know what the guys did but the fan is not on screws like my other players it is on black rubber things donít know if that is why itís quiet but hey itís quiet so Iím not complaining.

I must say this unit is my best media player to date, the best R 2500 I have spent in a long time.

The wife no longer phones me at work saying she canít play this file and this doesnít work, since I hooked it up I havenít had one phone call from her complaining.

Really I must say I am very impressed.  :)  ;)  :D

I have a few more things I would like to test such as my HD camera video files and still picture quality, however I will try test this soon and let you guys know how it goes.
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Re: Amazing Multimedia Player
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