Author Topic: Sony HDR TD10, TD20 edited projects  (Read 12174 times)

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Sony HDR TD10, TD20 edited projects
« on: August 12, 2019, 01:20:56 AM »
3d Home Movies for dummies.
I wanted a way to take files off my Sony HDR TD10 and TD20 (3d Camcorders) and edit them to a file that would not play in a lesser resolution. Since the Blu-Ray 3d standard causes a project to be rendered in less than 1920x1880i/60, it's not possible to get the same image as hooking up the camera to your monitor and watching your raw footage that way. Saving it to blu ray degrades it. The forums did not have a solution I could use (or understand) so I experimented some and asked a lot of questions.

My solution was to use Edius 9 to edit, set up the project as 1920x1080i/60 Stereoscopic and save my edited movie in "export>print to file" and i chose "AVCHD file, dual stream" (frame-packed). This burns a AVCHD m2ts data file onto a BD disc that you can then slip into your blu ray player. This is not a standard blu ray movie disc though, it's a data file on a disc. I guess I could have used a dvd disc then? So the blu ray player I have is an LG UBK90 and the monitor is an LG OLED 65C6P. Maybe not all players will work. My player had no issues nor did the monitor. I got a s3d image that was the same as what I started with. 1920x1080 29.97fps. Could I plug a usb stick with this file into my player? Don't know, didn't try.

But what I really like is that I also played the m2ts file through my Mede8er X3d box and it also played the frame-packed 3d m2ts AVCHD file without an issue. Yes, in 3d. No, not SBS. The Mede8er X3d tags it as a 1920x1080 29.97fps file. So the mede8er box is on my network and the files reside on my computer hard drive. Of course, you can also use a drive hooked directly to the Mede8er box. It plays MVC or frame-packed 3d with no issues.

Hope this helps somebody someday.

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Re: Sony HDR TD10, TD20 edited projects
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2019, 02:19:08 PM »
Hi, thank you for sharing your experience. What firmware do you use please on your med600x3d ?
Mede8er Med600x3d
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