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Info/help requested
« on: May 14, 2019, 07:19:18 PM »

I've had a mede8er foto quite a while now But I never have found the time/knowledge to fully configuratie iT to use it Well. I'm nog really zure of the things I want are possible. Si thuis is onze of readings I made this topic for. What I want:
Be able to stream movies over a connection from my computer. Basically download movies On my PC, put me in a shares folder and be able to access that folder on the mede8er..
I am not sure of that's possible. I need help to accomplish this. Is this even possible what I want?

My setup right now:
My WiFi system; linksys velop dual-band
Mede8er is connecties on the WiFi from linkste velop
PC is connected With a linksys velop node by cable.

Do you need anymore information?
Any help is appreciated... I am really for step by step guideline because i'm not sure what to do.
Thanks to whoever is willing to take time for me.