Author Topic: Mede8er boxes no longer securely compatible with Windows networks.  (Read 737 times)

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Ive had no problems until a new install recently with the latest Win 10 OS.
Network is setup.
I can see my PC in the network explorer.
I can see the Mede8er player as a device and is accessible from the Win 10 homegroups, however I cannot log on to the Windows PC from they mede8er.
I prefer the traditional simple folder and file structure. This means I want to use Windows Explorer in the Network environment. The mede8er does not register as a network device.

I have tried resetting the network on Windows 10, no luck.
I can ping the mede8er and all 4 responses reply positively.
I can see the mede8er and Windows PC on the mede8er, however I can not logon to the Windows PC, which I have managed to do fine over the last 5 +years.
IE Username and Password (the same as I use to log onto the windows machine) which is again historically what I have always done. I just get Login failed.

I have a hunch that this is something to do with SMB1 being disabled and of course due to the ransomware exploits and other nasties that this has been made vulnerable to, I am guessing that this may be the issue.

So my question is simple.

How do I get the Mede8er X1000 to successfully access and see the windows 10 shared folders please, as it is readable from other devices ie Amazon stick using ES Explorer on android?

Many thanks

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Re: Windows10Pro sharing with Mede8er x1000 - network issues in explorer
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Ive read through the other thread regarding SMB1 and enabled. But not entirely sure if that is secure due to the serious nature of the maleware and virus concerns.
Ive updated the firmware on the Mede8er and it just doesnt seem to want to see the windows 10 pc.

What Ive now done is simply installed ES explorer from android on the fireTV and voila. I can view all my files from the Windows PC on the main TV, not too shabby.

So Ive come to the conclusion that these boxes are no longer network compatible with Windows PC systems in a secure environment.

Guess everything tech has a shelf live and it appears the Mede8er is now simply a hard drive player for my use. So I've got no compaints, its served me well for many years now. Just need to ferry the hard drive or caddy between rooms. A little time consuming but I think thats it for the mede8er now....techs moved on the hardwares not kept up.

A genuine thanks for all your hardwork as I guess this is no longer a supported format.

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