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Multi-Room music streaming to X3D DMR
« on: October 26, 2017, 06:10:26 PM »
Like my other recent guides this is based on pushing media fom a remote PC server and controlling it using a Tablet or IPAD in the room with the hi-fi via Remote Desktop. It works by using Airplay to generate multiple streams, and redirecting them to multiple DMR via linux in a Virtual Box.

The end point is similar to the previous Monkeymote solution. That is Option B here,18284.0.html

So i suggest you first create a local account called Airplay on your PC for this server. You will end up running two apps on the IPAD. Remote Desktop with all the windows clutter, that can be put into background mode when you start monkeymote.

Part One Airplay Streamer

Airplay is not a broadcast system. Each sink is sent it's own lossless ALAC stream at CD Quality, pushed by the source. It's about 1 mbps per connection.

The first thing needed is a permenent sound device for Foobar to use. Download the zip found below. Unzip, and in Admin Mode run the setup.exe.

Next download the foobar build made for this job using the lnk below.

Unzip and run foobar.bat. This will open foobar and it's config function. Select Output, and from the droplist select VB Csble input. Close foobar. Also make a shortcut to foobar2000.exe itself.

Now use the link below to find and install Tuneblade. If this Guide produces something useful you can buy the full version later.

Once installed and running, select the gear icon to open it's configuration. In General select Autostart. In Capture select Specfic Endpoint, and VBCable Output from the droplist.

Part Two Airplay to DLNA Bridge

Go to this link, download and install the correct Virtual Box.

(5.2 broke bridged mode. You must use the development version 118475 )

Go to this link and get the latest UbuntuStudio v17

Only v17 has the ability to install the extras we need.

(lubuntu also works, and is a simpler build )

Run Virtual Box and select New. Name it Airplay, and select Linux, Ubuntu 32 or 64. It must match the version of Ubuntu Studio you downloaded.
Press next, and allocate 2048mb of memory.
Press, Next, Create, Next, Next. Allocate 20gb of disk space. Press Create. The basic VB has been created.
Now press Settings.
Select Network, and chose Bridged Adapter from the drop list.
Select Audio, and chose IntelHD from the drop list.
Select Storage. Notice the Empty in the left block. Select it, and the right block changes to Virtual DVD drive. Press the little blue disk icon. Use the find option to locate where the UbuntuSudio iso is located, and then press OK.
The detailed VB has now been set up.

Press Start.
The VB will start, and run the Ubuntu ISO. When it loads select your language, and then use the down arrow on your keyboard to select Install.
In the first grey install page you select your Lanugage again, and then press Continue, bottom right.
Ignore the next page, and just press Continue.
Keep the default Format and Install option, and press Install Now, bottom right. Accept you want to change the disk.
Next select your time zone column.
Next select your keyboard. You will have to drag the window to reveal the Continue button.
Now input Airplay as the name. The next two lines auto-update.
Select Auto Login In. You still must put in a password. Remember it. You will need it for admin commands like SUDO later. Press Continue.
Yoy now get a blue welcome slide show whilst it installs. It will take about 10 mins.
When finished you will get a Restart Option. It will be followed by a remove iso request. Just press Enter as VB will automaticalky dismount the iso for you.
Wait for Ubuntu to boot. When you get the dewktop with a column of three icons on the left, wait. A software upgrade icon could appear on the top toolbar. Select it, and chose Install now.

Using the Blue icon, top left, select Terminal Emulator.
sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-dlna
It will ask for yoor password. As it loads it will require a
y input.
Now input
sudo apt-get install shairport-sync
Only a y is needed this time. Close the terminal.

Press the Blue icon again. Use the silver off button , bottom right of the new window. Select Shutdown.

Press Start again, and wait for the desktop.
Select Blue icon, Terminal Emulator.
sudo systemctl disable shairport-sync
That kills the deamon service. We need multiple servers.
Close the Terminal and Shutdown as described earlier.

Restart. Now use the dropbox link below, but not from your host browser!

You must use Firefox in the VB linux. Login into the forum via that browser. When you now use the dropbox link in Save File mode, is loaded into the folder /home/airplay/downloads
Close Firefox. Use the Home icon on the Desktop. Goto to downloads and copy
Go back up to Airplay. Show hidden icons using View.
Open .config and copy in the zip.
Select the zip and extract.
There will now be a new autostart folder.
Close File Manager and restart via the Silver Button.

When it reboots, you get the Sound Control app displayed.
Now check Tuneblade on the host.
There should be 5 airplane clients, DMR1 to DMR5.
You can use any you like. When foobar starts running you must select the client DMR you want via the linux Sound Control that was started on linux boot.

Too automate VB loading, right click on the Airplay build in the left column, and select Create Desktop shortcut.

Then cut the shortcut and paste it with the  foobar and tuneblade start ups at

C:\Users\Airplay\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
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Re: Multi-Room music streaming to X3D DMR
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Thank you very much for the way. It helped me a lot. It's very useful to me.

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Re: Multi-Room music streaming to X3D DMR
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Yes, it is a good idea. And I have the same opinio