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Please do not post links to Remote Emulators
« on: May 17, 2014, 06:16:01 PM »
This section is for Smart Net Api apps using ports 1186, 1187 on the x3d that require the user to interact with the clients screen.

Apps for the older Web Remote interface which  require the user to interaction with the players GUI should be in Community Tools, as should similar remote emulators based on the remote sub set of Net Api.

It's possible for apps to start out as a Remote Emulator, and morph over time into  a Smart Net Api client. When that  transition takes place they  can  be moved here.

This is an example of just such  an app by the looks of it:-,14275.msg93275.html#msg93275

How ever we try to manage this there will be confusion, as some will see Net Api and ask  where is the media  browse function on the client when its just a remote emulator.

I suggest we try to  stick to  these 2 terms when naming. Mede8er1 has already used the expression "Smart" when  you browse on the client.  I suggest you  use Remote Emulator when you don't.

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