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[closed]Identifier to log to to my PC chopped after 20 car
« on: September 04, 2017, 03:36:10 pm »
Impossible to log into my Win10 PC from my MED600X3D.
It looks like that my MED600X3D does not accept identifiers which are longer than 20 caracters. They are truncated. I've tried adding spaces but no luck.
I moved some time ago to Win10 and if I remember well it required me at that time to choose an email address as the identifier for login. At least this is what I did.
My email address is 21 caracters long which is not abnormal for an email address. Of course the truncated login fails.
I see no way to shorten the identifier since it is my actual email address and it would be too messy to change it.
Did anyone encounter the problem?
By chance is there a known way to go around it other than by changing my email address?


For those who do not know: I've discovered that you can use a local account rather than the Microsoft-id linked to an Hotmail account. This has solved my problem.
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