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YAMJ Original
« on: August 12, 2017, 11:48:04 pm »
Hi all,
Very new to mede8er and have a question or maybe a request.
For the past 10 years ive been a PCH user and fan but just recently changed over to mede8er 800x3d, I understand there is Y2M in YAMJ but unfortunately, it just isnt YAMJ if you know what I mean, I was hoping maybe someone can help me. I have literally 10s of thousand of titles ranging from movies and series all named and arranged for YAMJ which puts all titles in their separate menus, meaning eg, sets , more than one movie in a set has its own cover and within that cover all titles belonging to that set. , and I am just simply having difficulties getting what I want to create a lookalike and functional video wall same as original YAMJ. Simply put to have to create a folder for every Movie title is just nuts, I know there are programs out there to do this automatically per folder and yes I am using it, but am getting a little tired of it. Then it comes to the TV Series which is becoming even more difficult, to achieve what I am used to and to be honest what I really do want. 
To the point, Is there a way of getting the mede8er to use YAMJ with the normal old way that YAMJ would work?
I am willing to pay to have this feature available and believe many people out there would also appreciate.
Cheers to all.
Oh I would like to mention I have spoken to the mede8er team on more than 1 occasion for other concerns and have to give them a good thumbs up for all their help.

Cheers dmroo