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Music Video Play Lists - yes
« on: July 20, 2014, 05:48:19 am »
I've been using my 1000x3D to play my music concerts which I have converted to individual files, one file per chapter/song.

I have each concert in its own folder, then all the files/songs which works great except that I really wanted a 'Music Jukebox' style interface so I can easily flick between concerts and songs like I can with audio files. Now I know this can't be done on the Mede8er TV interface (because it can't show the video and jukebox interface at the same time).

However, the Apsolute M8 IPad app can show you a Play List when the TV is showing the video.

As an experiment, I recently created a Play List in my 'Music Video' root folder and as a test added a couple M2TS, MKV and VOB files (6 in all, and all from different folders/concerts) and tried playing it.

Using the Mede8er TV interface: Clicked on the Play List and nothing happened (as expected)
Using the M8 IPad app: Clicked on the Play List and it switched to show an empty play list screen (I thought it would not work), then the first video played on the TV, when that finished 2nd Video played, then 3rd... I have a working Video Play List.

Needs one change. The M8 app needs to show the play list text on the IPad screen so users can see what's in the list and randomly select tracks/files at any time. Please make this happen.

Fellow users: Please post here if you want Apsolute/Mede8er to implement the change to support viewing the playlists in the M8 app.

Hint for users now: To make a video play list just change preferences in the play list creation s/w and add MKV, M2TS and VOB files to the file types and start selecting!
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