Author Topic: Frequent audio drop out playing live HDTV with analog audio & composite video  (Read 895 times)

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Playing live HDTV through the Mede8er's analog audio & composite video outputs I experience frequent audio drop out every few minutes for a few seconds to a few minutes. The live HDTV stream is from an HD Homerun Prime tuner accessed through the Mede8er's Media Library UPnP input source.

This did not happen (i.e., no audio drop outs) with live HDTV when the Mede8er was connected to an HDTV through the Mede8er's HDMI interface.

The Mede8er audio setting is "SPDIF Downmix (2 channel)." Is there a setting that would reduce these audio drop outs? "HDMI Downmix (2 channel)" makes the audio drop out worse.