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500 X2 Impressions
« on: June 20, 2016, 02:01:01 pm »
I owned an Xtremer for 2 years and was always after a Mede8er.
Looked so well designed, great casing, so so remote, wifi enabled etc etc so I finally decided to get a 500X2
Out the box it was HUGE. Didn't expect it to be that large.
First thing I did was to open up the case to put in a new 2TB drive and oh dear oh dear...what a disappointment. It was a bare circuitboard, with roughly scattered SAT and power cables and the rest was EMPTY SPACE? Not a good start at all. It was like they built a case, threw in a board, cabled it untidily and the put it on retail store shelves.
Swtiched on, nice interface, easy wi-fi setup, cps themes, so-so speeds to load up big Blu Ray rips but overall a "semi slick" interface. Did the obligatory firmware update etc etc so I couldn't understand the following:

Next step: Decided to transfer all movies from a 2TB in a dock to the internal 2TB of the Mede8er via USB.
It took 6 days to copy 2TB!!!!
The Xtremer did it in 8 hours.
I am absolutely horrified.
Is there any reason for this USB 1.0 speed?

Also expected the case buttons to glow when pressed i.e. the play button ec but all I got was a very dull blue power LED.
The remote is HUUUGE and pretty 90's (perhaps they were going retro), but probably just designed an ugly remote.
I know there are fewer versions of the Mede8er but I am doing a direct comparison with my Xtremer and honestly I cannot say I am impressed at all.
I know most of the Mede8er fanatics like the networking capabilities but I'm a Mac kinda guy so this doesn't really matter to me.
A little disappointed in this unit to say the least.

Anyone else share these views?


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Re: 500 X2 Impressions
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2016, 03:58:24 pm »
I had my Mede8er now for six month and I think it is a piece off cr@p. In my opinion the guy(s) who wrote the software probably only had a flair for software because it is awful. Typical of car-alarm stuff. When I go into the internet things just hang, you can't get out of it, when it scan it hangs, no control gets out of a hang. The only way out is unplug the power. This thing hangs more than it works. It cant read the picture files inside flac, it just cant manage audio files at all all the folders have the same picture and so does all the files.

As you say file transfers can take a long long time. The blue USB cable is what it is, blue. The power supply in my opinion is underrated if when the HDD is searching the TV output flicks. The fan is noisy - I can hear it across the lounge. The A to D is rubbish it sound like playing through a telephone compared to the A to D in my blueray player.

The best offer I had for it on OLX was R800 so I am stuck with it. My Samsung Blueray player does everything and more, far better and sound far superior that this silly little toy. I looks slick in the advert - that's all.