Author Topic: what's the difference between the med400X2 and the med400X2S???  (Read 2439 times)

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A few weeks ago I bought a MED400X2S on a Oxionsite.
Yesterday I received a message that the could not deliver this one but instead they asked me if I was interested in the MED400X2 (without S :-)).
They said that the only difference was the remote control??? They also said that this is the info they got from Mede8er.

I'm not completely believe them in this so i'm trying to find the real differences between the too.
Is there someone here who can help me to find the right anser so I know if I wil buy the other one or cancel the order....
(i've tried to find it here on the site but I can't find it. (I've got brain damage and have trouble with searching in long text)

Thanks for your help!
Have a Nice day

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Re: what's the difference between the med400X2 and the med400X2S???
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2016, 01:45:29 pm »
Correct - the only difference is the remote

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