Author Topic: "Invalid File" when trying to play shared file  (Read 1628 times)

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"Invalid File" when trying to play shared file
« on: August 24, 2015, 06:33:24 PM »
My 1000X3D is showing "Invalid File" when trying to play files in my Win7 shared folders. Firmware v4.0.2Beta

From Media Library>Network>My_Shortcuts, when I choose to play eg Docu>BBC - Planet Earth> After watching for a few minutes, if I press Stop, it returns to highlight in the listing but it shows "Invalid File" and it cannot play the file anymore(See attached 2 photos). I have to press Return until Docu folder then navigate to BBC - Planet Earth> to play the file.
Its the same for mkv and mp4.
Can anyone advice how I can solve this problem? Not sure its the 1000X3D or my windows setup.

My shortcut is to my PC Win7 with a typical Win7 User account with only read access to my shared folders. I am not using the Guest account.