Author Topic: MED1000 - DS214Play - backup  (Read 32392 times)

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MED1000 - DS214Play - backup
« on: March 09, 2015, 06:13:00 am »
My MED1000 running Firmware 4.0.1  is fed via Cat6 cable from a Synology NAS DS214Play.

First I tried Synology Raid on 2 x 2tb Red drives but soon ran short of HDD space.

On the second test I used JBOD on  4tb + 2tb  RED drives.  But then found full BD mkv rips would not play without stutter.

Next I tried RAID0 and this improved speed considerably and now only get the occasional pause on 30gig files. I backup my files manually via USB3 to 2 external enclosures with "green" drives.

BUT - is there any software to provide auto backup to eg a Vantec HX4R  4 HDD enclosure ?

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Re: MED1000 - DS214Play - backup
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