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We urge you to firstly read the V3 Specific User Manual before just making posts about things not working correctly.  

NOTE: All Hard drives must have a unique name for correct functionality with V3 firmware. Connect the Hard Drive to your Windows PC and in My Computer right click the Drive icon and you can give the Hard Drive a name. Remember that each drive must have a unique name example Hard Drive1, Hard Drive2 etc etc

Win7, 8, 8.1 users - Safe Removal is incompatible with the linux NTFS code. Instead use Utility to Eject the Mede8er (or shared external USB drive) - USB Disk Ejector
Vanishing files and un-mountable partitions can occur as  a result of using Safe Removal. Those should get fixed by using slave mode, running chkdsk and removing the player using the USB Disk Ejector tool.

New Movie Scraper Layouts

V3.0.7_30Dec2014 RC  XXXXXXXXX Final Release Candidate XXXXXXXXXX
1. Changed Movie Scraper Skin Type D - sample
2. Updated Movie Scraper Skin Type C
3. Added Spanish Translations
4. If Transmission BT is set to 'on' will turn it back to 'on' 'after reboot  

V3.0.7_25Dec2014 BETA
1. Movie Scraper: added new scrape layouts ‘C' 'D'
To test or use a New Scraper Skin -  Select the Movie Scraper Skin in Setup Menu 'Misc' --> 'Scrape Layout' ie A, B,C,D
a. Open an existing movie sheet that was scraped with Mede8er's built in Movie Scraper and press the Edit Button on the remote. Re- Scrape or just select 'Save' and the about.jpg will be updated to the layout you selected.    
b. To update all about.jpg's in a Movie JukeBox.
On Favourites Screen focus on a Movie JukeBox and then press the 'Menu' button on the remote and select 'Clear about.jpg'. Now focus on the same Movie JukeBox and press 'Menu' button on the remote and select 'Scan' and the X3D will rebuild all the about.jpg's to the new scraper skin layout.

Sample Movie Scraper Layouts
    Type A
    Type B
    Type C
    Type D

2. Movie Scraper Skins - This release has a fix for Movie Scraper Skins and you can find the skins on this link,15603.msg101828.html#msg101828
More custom Movie Scraper skins will be added over time.
3. Defaulted Auto Standby to 'off'
4. Defaulted HDD Spin Down to 'off'
5. Transmission: due some random freeze reverted back to stable version v2.44
6. Fixed smi sub that includes includes tag 'SAMIParam' - Korean
7. Fixed noise top side of cover.jpg
8. Hdd SpinDown: will not Spin down HDD when Transmission BT is 'on'
9. Updated some Language text strings

V3.0.7_13Dec2014 BETA]
1. Added User Selectable Thumbnail Focus Colours - In Media Library set the 'View' to one of the Thumbnail Views and Navigate to Devices Screen or any folder structure and press the 'Menu' button on the remote. Focus on new option 'Thumbnail Colour and and press 'Enter' and you will be able to select a colour from the list.
2. Fixed TV Series Episode Subtitle Search
3. Fixed File Manager Background image
4. Fixed GUI bug when returning from TV Series and navigating to the Devices Screen
5. Fixed string table: Setup Menu 'Verander category' -- >  'Verander categorie’ for Dutch user
6. Fixes crash bug in release V3.0.7_11Dec2014 BETA

Require missing translations for following text - would really appreciate feedback asap

1. Thumbnail Colour
1. Default
2. Blue
3. Green
4. Light Blue
5. Orange
6. Red
7. Yellow
8. Browse

V3.0.7_4Dec2014 BETA]
1. Dev - Browse for Subtitle during Video Play - Supports HDD, USB, Samba and NFS - default will open existing folder and user can navigate the tree structure by selecting the 'Return' icon
2. Dev - Transmission BT : updated to v2.84
3. Dev - Video playback: will support Multi play for ISO media
4. Dev - Video playback: if .MVC.' is included in filename then the file will auto open in 3D
5. Fixed - USB Keyboard: navigate button (left/right/select ,etc.) no response in some screens
6. Fixed - String table: DUTCH: 'HDD slaap stand' -> 'needs to be: HDD slaapstand’
7. Fixed - Some special Korean smi SUB files not readable
8. Fixed - Hebrew Subtitles
9. Fixed - Subtitle Search for TV series - if naming 'TVSeries.Name.1x03.Episode.Information.ext' then only the TV Series name would be loaded for the search  

V3.0.7_24Oct2014 BETA
1. Replaced YouTube HTML5 on Home Page with YouTube Flash
2. Fixed Hebrew Scrape on Movie Scraper - TMDB
3. Fixed Dutch translation that was omitted on last release
4. Portuguese GUI Language update

V3.0.7_4Oct2014 BETA
1. Fixed  '._'   "dot underscore"  OSX files problem
2. Fixed missing patched that were omitted in error in releases V3.0.7_1Oct2014 BETA / V3.0.7_1Oct2014 BETA
V3.0.7_1Oct2014 BETA
1. Fixed the casing buttons not working on V3.0.7_28Sept2014 BETA

V3.0.7_1Oct2014 BETA
1. Fixed Arabic SRT subtitles
2. Fixed Hebrew Movie Scrape on TMDB
3. Fixed 2D BDISO crash after YouTube Trailer Play / Webkit use if BD Menu is set to ‘on’
4. Enables Multiple Video Play ISO Files in same folder
5. Fixed Dutch translation  - options -> misc. ‘Standaard ondertitle’ changed to ‘standaard ondertitel’

V3.0.7_31Aug2014 BETA]
1. Fixed Alpha Sort in Music JukeBox
2. Added Thai Translations

V3.0.7_20Aug2014 BETA
1. Fix: Add Trailer: 'Add trailer' command may fail when HDD or network drive is in spin down mode.
2. Dev: Add Trailer: will allow the command 'Add Trailer' for movie folder structure that does not have a 'Mede8er.db' (This includes aggregated JukeBoxes).
3. Fix: Movie Jukebox: Crash when doing a 'Year' Search.
4. Fix: jukebox: movie 'Extracted (2012)' cannot be scraped due to local 'excude' scraping rule.
5. Fix: Movie Scraper: improved scraping - if fail to match release name, will try to match to original name.
6. Fix: Movie Jukebox: After navigating the movie sheet (about.jpg) with up /down Nav and Movie Play the focus does not return to the correct Movie Thumbnail.
7. Dev: SUBParser: will split new line when sub include symbol '|'.
8. Fix: watched indicator: doesn't work on TV Series if you press NEXT >>| or PREV <<| to switch another episode.
9. Fix. TV Series Navigation Bug - Navigate with Right Nav Button 123456..up - up to Episode #16 it correct and then the focus jumps to #21 – should be #17,18, 19 ,20 then 21  
10. Dev: Dutch Localization strings update
11. Dev: string table: remove a end symbol '.' of 'Elozetesek hozzáadása.' for Hungarian language.
12. Dev: Added Support for Local Trailer Play.
Copy Movie Trailers into Movie Folders
Name the Movie Trailers 'xxxxx.trailer.*'   xxxxxx = any name    * = extension
If X3D finds the local trailer it will play it from Trailer Play Icon on the info sheet (about.jpg) and if not it will play the YouTube Trailer as normal if the xml has the <Videos> node.
Instructions for JukeBox+
As above but copy the trailers into the movie folders in the 'data' folder of the JukeBox+

NOTE: Setup Menu -
Set 'Trailers' to 'on' for Trailer functionality
Set 'force decoding of AAC/MP3 audio' to 'on' if you do net get any audio on Movie Trailers

Movie Trailers Online User Guide

Local Trailer Downloader Guide,14953.0.html

V3.0.7_7Aug2014 BETA
1. Dev. Fixed white flash when starting Trailer Play  
2. Dev. Added Trailer Play image before embed process.
3. Dev: trailer: update 'Add trailer' function. - The initial TV# trailer link type for YouTube will not work in this release.
Use 'Add Trailer' function to update all Trailer Links to the 'embed' type  
4. Fix: jukebox: will fail to scrape movie when folder name has Western European symbols.
5. Fix: string table: string 'Password don’t match' is incorrect, now change to 'Password doesn't match'.

V3.0.7_5Aug2014 BETA
1. Fix: jukebox: restore incorrect movie when nav Up/Down on about.jpg Movie Info Sheet and play trailer
2. Fix: jukebox+: generating new about.jpg when using 'add jukebox+'
3. Dev: tmdb: add 2 types 'Clip' and 'Teaser' into trailer filter. Default is to look for trailer tag but if its missing will then look for 'Clip' or 'Teaser' tag and use this for the Trailer Link
4. Fix: jukebox: the movie 'Slightly Single in L.A. (2013)' fail to get info.
5. Dev: tmdb: update 1.3.2
6. Dev: setup menu: remove 'System - Screensaver - Options - Flickr'  
7. Dev: setup: set default value of 'Force Decode AAC/MP3' to 'on'.
8. Dev: setup menu: change 'Dont care' to 'Auto'.

V3.0.7_1Aug2014 BETA
1. Fix: setup menu: sometimes some default option value is incorrect.
2. Dev: string table: update French.
3. Dev: brightness: corrected video black levels for Trailer Play
4. Dev: jukebox+: menu 'empty' function not working on fat32.
Known issues:
a. If you navigate the Movie Info sheets Nav / Up-Down then after Trailer Play it will Return to the incorrect Movie Sheet  
b. Add to JukeBox+ is rebuilding the about.jpg from existing images and xml instead of just coping the about.jpg.

V3.0.7_30July2014 BETA
1. Dev: trailer: Improved 'Return' function from Trailer Play.
2. Dev: trailer: Movie Trailers now supported in Media Library as well as Movie JukeBox.
3. Feature: trailer: add a new setup option 'Trailer' ON/OFF, default is ON.
4. Dev: tmdb: use youtube 'embed' link instead of YouTube Tv#.
5. Fix: jukebox+: incorrect plot when using EDIT ---> scrape ---->save.
6. Fix: jukebox+: the now includes 'cover.jpg'
7. Dev: tmbd: filter tmdb videos and only use trailer link.
8. Fix: jukebox: when you set scrape language to non English Language, then will got incorrect movie info.
9. Fix: scraping accuracy for folder names without (date) in the folder name.
10. Fix: jukebox: scan fail when using nfs.
11. Fix: jukebox+: sometimes 'Empty' function does not work.
12. Dev: tmdb: up version to 1.3.1

V3.0.7_25July2014 BETA
1. Improved Movie Scrape accuracy by including 'Year' in the search -  folder name should be - ‘movie name (year)’
2. New Movie Trailer Functionality - limited to Movie JukeBox only
How to get Movie Trailers links
a. Delete xml's and do a new Scan
b. Use 'Add Trailers' option on Favourites Screen for existing Movie JukeBox's that were generated in the X3D or for Jukeboxes that have been scraped with external PC based Scrapers like Y2M / Thumbgen etc
c. Use ‘EDIT’ on about.jpg (Movie Info Sheet) on one by one basis
d. Use Use 'Add Trailers' option for JukeBox+ structures that dont have Trailer tags - in this case the xml files in the source Movies folders will also be updated.
How to view Movie Trailer:
In Movie JukeBox open the Movie Info Sheet 'about.jpg' and you will see two new Icons - 'Play' and 'Movie Trailer'
To play the Movie -  select the Play Icon (default focus when Movie Info Sheets opens' and select 'Enter'
To Play the Movie Trailer - use 'Right Nav' to change focus to the Movie Trailer Icon and select 'Enter'
3. Dev. Support French Folder Names for TV Series - TV Series : Séries TV - Season : Saison - Specials: Hors-Saison
4. Dev: update some FRENCH translations.
5. Fix. Cannot make Network Share folder into Aggregate JukeBox ie JukeBox+
6. Fix: skin: select color is magenta when the TAG 'SelectColor' is missed in the skin.
7. Dev. Updated TV Series background layer images  
a. Movie Trailer Return - The SDK cannot open multiple applications at once and the current 'Return' from Movie Trailer Play is the very best we can do.
b. CC option in Movie Trailers is not supported by the X3D HTML5 Browser

V3.0.7_30June2014 BETA
1. Fix. Setup Scraper Skin option A-B

V3.0.7_27June2014 BETA
1. Dev. will auto open 3D MPO images in 3D
2. Fix: Setup Option 'fixed volume' will always set to max volume if selected.
3. Fix. Co-Axial Digital Output
4. Fix Co-Ax Digital will output 192khz PCM whether HDMI is connected or not
5. Fix. SPDIF will output 96khz PCM whether HDMI is connected or not  
5. Dev. Fixed skin customization as some images were not updating
6. Added some extra colour setup nodes in skin xml for skin developers  - 'FocusText'  'TextColor'  
7. Changes default text colour in GUI to R192 G192 B192

V3.0.7_17June2014 BETA
1. Fix: MPO playback: no 3D effect  
2. Dev: media library: 'folder.jpg' removed case sensitivity  
3. Dev: spdif audio: auto set audio config to support Core 5.1 passthrough when using HD Audio ie DTS MA/Dolby True HD on SPDIF.

V3.0.7_12June2014 BETA
1. Fix Music Play - 'folder.jpg' image in Preview View not showing
2. Fix: 'screensize' adjuster not working when using custom skin
3. Fix: system: crash when Power Down during movie playing.
4. Dev: Updated string tables

V3.0.7_6June2014 BETA
1. Fix: Resume Play BDISO/BDMV: random subtitle selected.
2. Dev: Auto Standby: added options 3,4,6,8,12 - set default to 4 hours.
3. Dev: Added 'Auto Detect Encoding' setup option for auto detection of Korean subs.
4. Dev: Added setup option 'Remember JukeBox Filters' for Movie JukeBox.
5. Dev: Case Sensitive filenames - now will allow upper/lower case for Music JukeBox files such as 'folder.jpg' etc.
6. Dev: Subtitle menu: changed default to border shadow type and second option to mirror shadow type.
7. Dev: NETAPI: fixed query during screensaver. Updated NETAPI to V1.1
8. Require missing translations for - Forum members please assist
    a. Remember Jukebox Filters
    b. Scraper Layout
    c. Auto Detect Decoding
Note: for YouTube exit on USB Keyboard - Ctrl + ',' = Stop


7. Added Setup Option for Movie Scraper A-B - A= long plot length B = old style normal plot length
For the time being this change means the scraper skins no longer work.

Tip: Save Config
You can save you config to a USB Stick and restore the configuration once you have installed the new firmware.
Setup --> Misc ---> Save Config

Install X3D_Series_V2_Bootloader_17Jan2013
Install using the Emergency Procedure -  After Installing this Bootloader updater your Bootloader should read as foll under Info in Setup Menu - KIIE.0402.0065
Warning: Do Not Unplug Power during the Bootloader updating process as this could result in a 'bricked' Mede8er.
Now when having bootloader version KIIE.0402.0065 proceed with STEP2 below.

Install V3.0.7 - 30Dec2014Beta

Install using the Emergency Procedure

X2 Skin for X3D Series
Note: this skin will only work correctly with V3.0.2 or higher

V3 Specific Functions User Manuals

Online Move Scraper User Guide

Online TV Series Scraper Guide

JukeBox+ Online Guide

NET API - Apsolute App Online Guide

* YouTube subject to availability and support by YouTube and Mede8er cannot be held responsible should YouTube stop supporting the service.

NOTE: Press 'F3' Button to open Virtual Keyboard for AccuWeather and Internet Browser

Emergency Procedure
Use a USB Stick that is formatted fat32 in Windows PC. If you have any difficulty we suggest you format the USB stick with the HP Utility -
Download the latest Mede8er Firmware from UnZIP or UnRAR or join with HJ Split and will find one file named install.img. Copy this file to the root directory of a Flash Drive. Plug the flash drive into the Mede8er. Unplug the power to the X3D. Plug the power jack back in and then hold the ON/OFF button on the Mede8er (not the remote) down for 15sec and then release. After the firmware has been checked (+-5-10sec) it will start to update. You will see the update progress on your TV.  Do not remove power during the Firmware Update procedure .

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