Author Topic: Mede8er Med500x Video Wall - Nas Drive - Shortcut Not Available ?  (Read 2002 times)

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I own a 400x2s and it accesses my GoFlex Home NAS drive without an issue via favourites.

But I just bought a 500x as I wanted a device in a different room with its own HDD as well,
so I can have it store more movies and keep a large collection of TV shows, also my NAS drive is getting a little full.

Now I can access my GoFlex Home NAS by going through the network menu,
but when I add a shortcut to the Video wall and select the folder via the Video Wall it just says Not Available ????
It can access the shared directories on my PC via the video wall but most of my Movies and TV shows are on my NAS drive.

I have read about issues when using a USB Drive and fixing the problem by renaming the drive with a unique name, but I'm unable to do this With the NAS Drive

I really don't want to have to go through loads of menus to get to my movies, it is what I believe the Video Wall is for.

Please can anyone help with this.


Stonegimp. :)