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Apple users - must read!
« on: March 31, 2014, 09:51:56 AM »
There are a number of Apple Tips of varying degrees of importance.  This sticky will list "all" of them as they  are found.

Procedure for formatting Single partition MAC HFS+ Volume on USB Drive (MAX 2TB):-,13976.0.html

If you do not create a non bootable MBR partition as above, you may need this tip:-

Procedure to remove EFI partitions on GPT Mac OS X formatted disks,14019.0.html

Apple 4cc code fix,14311.0.html

Step by step network set up for Mac - MED600X3D,10091.0.html

Mac users, X2/X3 series'  Jukebox and DuneX: the solution is here!,8553.0.html

Use Music Jukebox Tagscanner on Mac
See FAQ item 9,7828.0.html
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