Author Topic: Feedback for - Y2M By Peter Butler V2.0.5 Mod Shizzl Yamj 2.10 r3763 12Oct2013  (Read 83002 times)

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It's not that bad.. you can leave an outdated version of the JavaRE just for Y2M.
Just strip it down and put the RE in the Y2M dir with the libs.

Next to that you can install u66 for your main system and let every other software or service which requires java run with the latest version of the RE.

That's how I did it.. I'm quite confident Y2M isn't a security threat so I let that run with the somewhat less secure version of Java.

Actually it's pretty much Oracle. They are pissed Google/Chrome rejects their bloated JDK and plugins, so they thought it would be a nice idea to up the security in a retarded manner, without even actually giving developers ample time to get updates out for their tools using java. There's soooo much broken since they deployed u65 & u66 - they oughta be sued in a classact : then again.. most javadevelopers are very dependant on them. Completely rewriting vast softwarepackages isn't that easy either.

Anyway.. I recommend keeping a sneaky JR on the side just for Y2M (and/or other software as well which got the Oracle treatment).

Hi OldskoolOrion,

I don't suppose you could provide a step by step guide to what you mean and how to do this? For the layman...

would be much appreciated!

EDIT: Oops, sorry, I see there is another thread by you with how to do this.
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i want to ask something..
when i use yamj, i get my pic like this: (no background pic or data about the movie such as director, genre, starring etc..

i dont know what to do.


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after running yamj, i dont the movie or the background pic anymore.

I've tried everything that has been posted, and still not working.

Is there any other app that can be used, or what else can I do?