Author Topic: Feedback for - Y2M By Peter Butler V2.0.5 Mod Shizzl Yamj 2.10 r3763 12Oct2013  (Read 83001 times)

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Sorry to report it's still not working
I also got prblems on getting this version to work.Thought that it might be java, it wasn't.
Eventually the problem was in my virus and firewall program Fsecure from KPN.
In the real time scanning is an option "scan on virus and remove from web traffic" when i unmarked it my pronlem was gone.
maybe it is in your virus scanner as well (not the firewall)

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    • Guitarfix

It can no longer find media for 'thumbnail' and 'about'.

Used to work, but stopped working a couple of days ago.
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it was working fine a couple of days ago but now its not...

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All runs fine, but about image and folder image will not be generated

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« Reply #19 on: November 24, 2013, 03:44:13 pm »
Most of the cases this is caused by not having installed latest Microsoft .Net

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The tool works ... but I think I am too stupid to get the Jukebox on my 800X3D working.

I am using a NAS (SMB) for providing movies in my home net. If I understand the howtos correctly,
I have to aggregate the jukebox with the movies folder. But how is the connection to the  metadata
created by Y2M made? Do I have to aggregate the jukebox with this output - not with the movies
folder? If this is right: do I have to manipulate the body of the filelocation tag in the movies xml file
manually to the path on my nas? Could this path be relative or absolute?

You see, I am an absolute newbie with a lot of questions.

If there is a person who could take by the hand to get this working I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance!

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it seems to be working great . I have ran it a couple of times and so far so good.  Thank you for all of your effort and hard work.

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Can not modify list parameters of YAMJ (one value in each line), because when i close YAMJ the parameter on properties file is "System.String[]". YAMJ doesnt save the list ....

I want to modify the prioritys for reléase date because with default values (nfo, PLUGIN, ALTERNATE) always get the value UNKNOWN in the XML...

Any solutions for both of this troubles?
Firmware v3.0.6

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After a couple of weeks all of the plot text on the about.jpg-file turns black, from white when I use "Yamj to Mede8er" program. And its very difficult to see the plot text now. I uninstalled Y2M, but after a week the same thing happened... Happened to anyone else?

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thanks!  :)
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Good eveningfriend,writing fromSpain.Pardon mybad English.After completingthe datawithY2M,addtheMoviesfolder onMede8erBookmark andscanand did notappearall the moviesif Iappear in theY2M.Whatcould be happening?.
Thank you.

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I have to say thank you...the new YAMJ fr mede8er is superb :) Works much better than previous versions.  :)

KEY - Follow the instructions EXACTLY...such as using the regedit tool, installing the application correctly and setting up the application on the desktop to point directly to the app in you PC drive.

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I'm getting corrupted  palettes for some of the cover images in this new version - never saw it with any previous versions.

Is this a bug or is it a setting change needed?  I have roughly 100 movies in the collection and I'm getting this corruption on only about 5 of them - but it's still annoying.

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getting on Y2M  "filename was not able to be scanned using the current plugins"

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Perfect !! I'm very happy with the new update

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Hi, I apologize for my english, I write from Italy, I am writing to say that I think this program is very satisfying and full of technical information, which for me is very rewarding and I would use it in the best. I would like to ask three things:
1. how do you set the Italian language for the plots of the films?
2. how to change the covers and backgrounds that the program automatically finds'.
Thanks for your help and to all the community med8er.