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Y2M By Peter Butler V2.0.5 Mod Shizzl Yamj 2.10 r3763 12October2013

32/64 Bit

How to Install:
- Place folder where ever you want
- Delete Y2M registry before first use;topic=8829.0;attach=1953
- Default skin is now named 'Y2M'
- Make a new link to YAMJ_To_Mede8er_2.0.5.exe in folder YAMJ_To_Mede8er_Peter_Butler_2.0.5_mod_by_Shizzl
- Start program

NOTE before Install:
a) Y2M will only run on a Windows PC
b) Install the latest Java Runtime
c) Win 64 Bit users may have to additionally install specific Java files that can also be found at
d) Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 may be required on PCs that do not have this installed. Search Google for download link.

Online Multi-Language User Guide

Guide to make your own Fan Art Backgrounds for Y2M

CHANGELOG V2.0.5 - 12 October2013
Added Media Info to the package - this was missing in 10 October version.
Media Info version updated to 0.7.64, 2013-07-05

CHANGELOG V2.0.5 - 10 October2013
- Updated YAMJ to V2.10-SNAPSHOTr3763 - Resolves scraping issues with IMDB new api
No Cast, Directors or Writers from IMDB and many other YAMJ issues.

CHANGELOG V2.0.5 - 4 May2013
- Updated YAMJ to V2.8-SNAPSHOTr3700 - Resolves many YAMJ issues

CHANGELOG V2.0.5 6March2013
- Updated YAMJ to V2.8-SNAPSHOTr3623 - Resolves scraping issues with IMDB new format and other fixes.

CHANGELOG V2.0.5 6Feb2013
- Updated YAMJ to V2.8-SNAPSHOTr3509 - Resolves scraping issues with IMDB new format.

CHANGELOG V2.0.5 1Feb2013
- Updated YAMJ to V2.8-SNAPSHOTr3499 - Resolves scraping issues with IMDB new format.
- New Functionality - Text can be edited via NFO file. After you have done the 'Copy to Mede8er' open the and make the changes and save it to the same folder with extension .nfo ie Re scan with Y2M and the txt from the nfo file will be used.

CHANGELOG V2.0.5 27Oct2012
- Updated YAMJ to V2.8-SNAPSHOTr3211

CHANGELOG V2.0.5 1Aug2012
- new GUI layout
- added folder.jpg overlay option (no, left, right, center)
- added direct folder.fpg overlay preview!
- added "Create Fanart Image" option, fanart.jpg will be copied to moviefolder
- added "Use folder date for XML" option!
- added "Use moviefile Date for XML" option
- added hyperlink to Overlay folder, when pressing on folder.jpg preview
- removed the about.jpg / folder.jpg name field, as well as resolution fields for best performance.
- removed skin and jukebox path from GUI

Sort by latest in Jukebox
Till now if you use sort by latest in jukebox, you get an alphabetical z-a order due to yamj scan order.
Using "folder/file date for XML" option will modify the xml date to the folder/file creation date.
--> if you use sort by latest in jukebox now, movies will be shown in correct latest order

Folder.jpg Overlay
The folder.jpg overlays are located in the "Overlay" folder. Names are:
- right.png
- left.png
- center.png

CHANGELOG -- YAMJ_To_Mede8er_2.0.0_Shizzl_yamj-2.6-SNAPSHOT-r2943 - 18 Feb2012
- Fixed movie cover alignment BD / DVD Box
- Updated to latest YAMJ 2943 More info

- startup size reduced to 1280x700
- items rearranged

- Bigger YAMJ properties, now even more bigger Smiley
- Hover Selection renamed to: Load Image on Mouseover
- Bigger Titles List
- title folder not visible anymore, only hyperlink

- Title Path now displayed, with Hyperlik support to edit Files quickly
- Hover Selection option added
- fixed: resolution arrow-buttons do not respond
- Bigger YAMJ properties

- Now you can see Search Result Title and Movie Filename in same row to compare yamj results.
- Descriptions modified
- Tips added for Jukebox path
- Full screen support, items rearranged
- New XML metadata contents:
- Default Skin folder is now Y2M! 

Read the  Mede8er 400X/500X Beginners Guide
or Mede8er 500X2/400X2/450X2 Beginners Guide

Also check the Couto X3D Newbies Guide first.

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