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MED300X Playback
« on: May 02, 2013, 01:55:10 AM »
Dear sir,

I seem to have encountered some problems with my MED300X.  I just want to ask that during playback of some movie files, I noticed that the picture seemed slower as if pausing or watching a little bit in slow motion but the audio seems fine. And in another movie it played on fast forward jumping 10 seconds or more and I would have to turn it on and off for a few times to make it work normally.  But this is just an isolated case as my other files seem to be working normally.  I am just wondering if this is because of some certain files that I have downloaded and what are these kinds of files.  (The slow motion happened in only one movie and the fast forward happened in two movies.)

And another query sir is that I am using a 2TB HDD attached to an HDD dock.  My question is I noticed that now it doesn't provide resume playback anymore on any movie that I play where as before I was using an 1TB External HDD sometimes it had resumed playback sometimes it doesn't.  Is this normal?

Thank you very much in advance.