Author Topic: Mede8er For Universal Media SERVER (UMS) please !!!  (Read 5853 times)


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Mede8er For Universal Media SERVER (UMS) please !!!
« on: June 05, 2014, 06:49:52 PM »
Hi all Devs  ;D ;D ;D

it has been many days, but could not advance my project i would love to initate the compatibiliy of the Mede8er with UMS!
Alas...the devs of UMS do  not have interest for the moment in making the Med8er an official renderer :(
shame as PCH and WD TV are there....

i did try to make one myself, but could not make it WORK

All of this why ? simple? i wanna make Mede8er compatible with HEVC streaming; i tested one small file using realtek renderer on UMS and it did work  ;D

Please i any help would be appreciated : BELOW is the TUTORIAL on creating the renderer,

i did it but got stuck after getting the DEBUG log (that you can find in attachement)

if you need more stuff i am here, but my guess would be that any good dev that knows the MED and UMS can create a render .conf file using my debug less than 10mn

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