Author Topic: Recommended - Items you should read before posting problems or bugs.  (Read 15112 times)

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3D Blu-ray ISO Remux Guide - Step-By-Step,16900.0.html

New YouTube Flash on X3D Series - Pair with phone or tablet,11455.0.html

H265 conversion.,17279.0.html

Gbit Case Studies,14645.0.html

Setting up  Wi-Fi to work without SSID.,13448.0.html

Makemkv - Extract 3DBDISO to MKV - lots of benefits,9624.0.html

NFS server For Windows - HaneWIN - Better speed and resolves Win7 Samba issues,10625.0.html

Mede8er Music JukeBox Online Guide,10562.0.html

3 Row Movie JukeBox Demo - V2 Firmware for X3D Series,10469.0.html

QNAP - Changing the NFS UDP "rsize" variable to 32K,9772.0.html

External IR Sensor Wiring MED450X2 / MED1000X3D,9467.0.html

Navigation jumps 2-3 times on Universal Remote - Logitech Tip,9843.0.html

MED1000X3D and 4TB Internal Compatibility,9805.0.html

As the code of the X3D players is in a lot of aspects the same as from the X2 Mede8er players, also check the X2 tip section:,53.0.html

..and it's Beginners guide:-,5489.0.html
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