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Urgent - Items you must read.
« on: March 24, 2013, 09:19:57 AM »
Mede8er X3D Series compatibility with Optoma HD50 Projector,15688.0.html

Major Win8 / Linux issue .....No NTFS...Ext3(E:) mounts instead.,10517.0.html

We have found that problems like the above such as  disk mounting and missing files issues don't happen if this tool is used to remove the X3D in slave mode:-,11379.0.html

[Tip] MP4 Play issues,15988.0.html

Restore Default - Fixes lots of strange behavior on X3D,9845.0.html

Cannot save - Favorites, Watched Indicator, Copied files dissapear after reboot,9801.0.html

Set up PC shares,11198.0.html

Avoid Known Issues (1.0.5),9743.0.html
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